IGN has provided us with ten minutes of brand-new gameplay footage of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, which will be released in a few short months. Today, that footage was made available to us. The gameplay footage shows plenty of bloody combat against the game’s bizarre menagerie of enemies, including a twisted alligator boss, aggressive water nymphs, angry monkeys, and big flaming steamrolling… shrews?

This gives the impression that Wo Long will be a good choice for players looking for another intense roguelike action game like Nioh or Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Naturally, we also watch the individual playing the game pass away several times as the game progresses. As this is a Team Ninja Soulslike, no compassion will be shown to you. You may see the clip for yourself by clicking on the link below.

It would appear that Wo Long is not precisely reimagining the Soulslike genre, but many individuals don’t want it to be reimagined in the first place. Do you need further information? Check out the most recent interview that Wccftech has conducted with Team Ninja, as well as the game’s most important features:

  • Demons in the Kingdom is a dark fiction that takes place during the turbulent time of the Three Kingdoms. The story vividly portrays a militia soldier’s arduous battle for existence during a Later Han Dynasty overrun with demons. The narrative takes place in China.
    It’s crazy, like you’ve never seen it before in the Three Kingdoms!
  • Unleash the Power Inside – Defeat dangerous foes to increase morale and awaken the power that lies dormant within you! Conquer challenges with innovative new methods, such as fight styles based on the “Five Phases,” at your disposal.
  • Live by the Sword: Renowned for merciless blows that can instantly turn the course of the war, sword practitioners of the Chinese martial arts fluidly change pace as they move between offensive and defensive tactics. They are known for their ability to “live by the sword.”
    Conquer your enemies with a barrage of force in a series of violent and brutal confrontations while honing the accuracy and skill necessary to become a genuine master of the sword.

Different ways to play with a variety of weapons and wizardry spells

  • Choose from a broad selection of weapons, ranging from glaives to twin swords, to determine which is most suited to your preferred method of combat.
  • Spells of the Wizardry: This esoteric art uses the power of the Five Phases, which enables one to launch strikes utilizing different elements like fire and ice. You can cast even more potent Wizardry Spells as you increase your Morale Ranks. This skill will become available to you as you go through the game.
  • Divine Beasts To bring out Divine Beasts such as Zhuque and Baihu, fighters must form partnerships with other combatants. You can accomplish challenging and powerful tasks by invoking the assistance of these Divine Beasts.

On March 3, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will be available for the Personal Computers (PC), Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 consoles.

There will be no FES or P3P additional content in the Persona 3 remake, according to rumors.

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