Independent Polish developers The Astronauts announced today during NVIDIA’s CES 2023 GeForce Beyond keynote that their upcoming game Witchfire would use NVIDIA DLSS 3 technology.

The following is a statement that was released by Adrian Chmielarz, Creative Director and Co-Founder of The Astronauts:

You load up the game and immediately crank up the graphical settings to their maximum. After having fun with it for a time, you eventually conclude that the framerate is the most critical aspect of the game, especially if it’s an action game.

Therefore, you reduce the overall quality of the game’s aesthetics to get that fluid gameplay. DLSS 3 makes it feasible to achieve a high framerate without sacrificing the quality of the image, which was previously thought impossible. An obvious choice for a game like Witchfire combines beautiful graphics with intense gameplay.

To refresh your memory, DLSS 3 is presently only accessible on graphics processing units (GPUs) from the GeForce RTX 4000 Series since these GPUs are built with the latest generation of optical flow accelerators (OFA).

Even though optical flow accelerators have been a part of NVIDIA GPUs since the Turing architecture, the new OFAs are significantly quicker and more accurate than their predecessors. NVIDIA believes that DLSS 3 would not be beneficial to GPUs of earlier generations if it were not for the new OFAs.

Concerning Witchfire, the video game was first introduced to the public during The Game Awards in 2017. It was going to be an early access title on the Epic Games Store, and it was going to be a roguelite open-world first-person shooter. The release date was supposed to be late 2022. However, The Astronauts decided to postpone the release of the game until 2023 so that they could include open-world components.

In Conflict With Witches

The Church is desperate for a chance to win the deadly fight against witches, so it relies on banned pagan magic to convert consenting sinners into immortal witch hunters, known as prayers. This is done through the use of pagan witchcraft.

Your mission is to find the infamous witch of the Black Sea, destroy the phantom army that protects her, and retrieve a mysterious artifact that has the potential to turn the tide of the war finally. Armed with potent spells and fearsome firearms conjured by the best Vatican sorcerers, you have been given the tools you need to complete this mission.

Graphics That Are Completely Immersive Within a Gloomy Environment

Photogrammetry technology is utilized in The Astronauts’ previous title, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, and their newest release, Witchfire. This allows for the creation of visually spectacular and engaging dark fantasy worlds.

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