Some fans are not seeing their Overwatch 1 skins in Overwatch 2. It is disheartening and frightening to consider the possibility that your collection of incredibly rare Legendary skins may be lost now that Overwatch 1 has been discontinued as a game mode. This is especially true if you have been playing Overwatch 1 since it first launched. You need not be concerned since we have the solutions for you here. Find out why the skins you used in Overwatch 1 aren’t available in Overwatch 2 here.

Skins from Overwatch 1 That Aren’t Available in Overwatch 2 and Why

First things first, if you notice that you are unable to use your Overwatch 1 skins in Overwatch 2, check to be that you have successfully converted all of your Overwatch skins to Overwatch 2. Even though Overwatch 2 should automatically have your Overwatch 1 skins, you will need to link your account if you are playing on a different console.

Because Overwatch 2 supports cross-progression, all you have to do to bring your Overwatch 1 skins with you into Overwatch 2 is log into your account, navigate to the Connections menu, and link all of the platforms you want to use to play Overwatch 2.

Once that is taken care of, you also need to be aware that Blizzard has acknowledged the problem of Overwatch 1 skins not carrying over to Overwatch 2, and they are working to fix it. They are aware that this is a problem, and because wearing great skins like the Legendary Kiriko skin that you can earn via Twitch Drops is one of the few ways to show off your enthusiasm for Overwatch 2, Blizzard is working as quickly as they can to solve it.

You may take solace in the fact that it is not because of anything you are doing incorrectly, and your Overwatch 1 skins will be deleted permanently. Give Blizzard a week or two, and they’ll have a solution that’s been tested and is working.

Check out our Overwatch 2 tutorials to pass the time while you wait for a patch. These articles will teach you how to play the new Damage Hero, Sojourn, as well as who the greatest defensive Heroes are and a lot of other useful information. Please have a look at our Overwatch 2 page.

Overwatch 2 may now be played on the PC, the PlayStation 5, the PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. It can also be played on the Nintendo Switch.

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