Omega Strikers Best Builds for X

Because of his capacity to unleash massive hits and frequently force opponents out of the arena, X is one of the very few characters in Omega Strikers that is able to have as much of an effect on a fight as the title character. But how exactly should you construct X?

Here are the greatest Forward and Goalie builds for X on Omega Strikers to answer that question and more, as well as to help you to blast past everyone who stands in your way and get to where you want to go as quickly as possible.

Omega Strikers: The Best X Foward Build

The ability to do melee damage and aggressively throw opponents off the arena is X’s primary strength, much as it is Juliette’s. X is a character whose major power resides in this skill. His ability to quickly regain possession of the ball and clear a path to the opponent’s goal is another reason why he is so successful.

Having said that, given that both his Primary and Secondary abilities are centered on dealing heavy damage, our primary recommendation will be to make use of Heavy Handed, followed by either Unstoppable or Tempo Swing. This is due to the fact that his Primary and Secondary abilities both focus on dealing with heavy damage.

Our first choice is Heavy Handed since it will further increase X’s damage intake, which is currently rather significant. While Unstoppable and Tempo Swing will both boost his movement speed or further amplify his strikes, respectively, both will make him more difficult to stop.

Cast to Last or Perfect Form is the primary recommendation that we will be making for usage in the third training slot. Cast to Last will lengthen the duration of his special, while Perfect Form will let you to reduce the amount of time it takes for all of your abilities to become active again after you have dealt a hit. Those who have a strong need for speed may also find significant success with the use of Crossover.

As a quick review, the following are the top Training for forwarding X:

  • Heavy-Handed + Unstoppable = Tempo Swing + Cast to Last = Perfect Form Heavy-Handed + Unstoppable = Cast to Last

How to Construct X to Play the Role of a Goalie | The Very Best X. Goalie It’s possible that Build X isn’t the ideal option for the Goalie position. However, this does not negate the fact that he has the potential to do well on the test, even if he will need some time to practice.

However, if you still want to get the most out of him when he is in the position of your final defender, we suggest that you utilize Unstoppable, followed by Heavy Handed. This will allow you to maximize his potential. When it comes to the last slot, we advise using either Built Different or Extra Special due to the former’s increased area of impact. Both of these abilities are excellent choices.

To summarise, the following are the most beneficial training for Goalie X:

  • Invulnerable + Heavily Armed + Constructed Differently / Extra Specially

Remember, now that you know how to construct X, you should also check out the best builds for Asher, who, along with him, is considered to be one of the finest overall players in the game.

At this time, Omega Strikers is only playable on personal computers (PCs) through Steam.

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