The Sonic franchise takes a significant step in a new direction with Sonic Frontiers, which has more open-world exploration and even a skill tree of different fighting abilities that Sonic the Hedgehog may acquire. One new character that you may be seeing quite a bit of is a digitized little girl. She is the primary adversary of the game, and it appears that she has a close connection to Dr. Eggman (or Robotnik). In Sonic Frontiers, who precisely is the antagonist?

Who is the game’s primary foe, and what role do they play?

Caution is advised, since the following may contain plot-revealing information about Sonic Frontiers.

Sage is the name of the artificial intelligence program that Eggman developed specifically for use in Sonic Frontiers. You will see her on many occasions during the game. She considers him to be her father, and if you pay attention to the way she communicates with Eggman throughout the cutscenes, you’ll notice that she has her sights set on starting a family. For example, she refers to Cubot and Orbot as her “brothers” whenever Eggman brings them up.

This is the reason why, despite the fact that he is hostile toward her, she continues to go to great lengths, several times, in an effort to eliminate Sonic. As a result of the fact that her “dad” despises Sonic, she does as well, despite the fact that she bases her decisions on reasoning rather than emotion and even makes the observation that Eggman and Sonic are capable of great things when their respective strengths are combined.

When Sonic comes into contact with her, he is able to tell that Sage is, at her core, a little girl. Even after sending titans after him to kill him, he notes how he doesn’t feel like she is awful, and he even prevents Knuckles from wanting to attack her.

He even says that he doesn’t feel like she deserves to be punished.
She comes to side with Sonic a little more as the game develops and she sees more of Sonic attempting to save his pals; yet, she continues to operate under the directions that Eggman has given her.

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