Which shotgun ammunition is the most effective in Escape from Tarkov

One of the most crucial aspects of Escape From Tarkov is how much ammunition you have available. If the AK has more powerful ammunition, even the most well-made firearms in the game won’t be able to beat it, even if the AK is shattered. When using a shotgun, it is very vital to make sure that you are loading it with the best possible ammunition since you will need to go very near to your target.

There are a lot of different alternatives to choose from in the game Escape From Tarkov when it comes to shotgun ammunition, and some of them are a lot better than others. Let’s have a look at the many types of shotgun ammunition available in Escape From Tarkov and discuss which ones are the most effective.

The Most Effective Varieties of Shotgun Ammunition in Escape From Tarkov

Armor-Piercing Slugs of the Type 12/70 AP-20

In Escape From Tarkov, the vast majority of other players you come across will very certainly be clad in some sort of armor. One of the most advantageous choices for shotguns, given that its ammunition can easily penetrate any level of protection it encounters. Because they are slugs, the AP-20 slugs are an even better choice for shotguns than ordinary buckshot would be. This allows you to engage in battle from a much greater distance than you would typically be able to use buckshot.

The AP-20 slugs are the most expensive form of shotgun ammunition that can be used, which is one of the drawbacks of utilizing them. You also won’t be able to access them until you make significant headway in Jaeger’s inquiry, which requires you to locate his cabin before you can even unlock him as a trader. Until then, you won’t have any access to them.

12/70 Flechette

The recent clearing of Tarkov has revealed the effectiveness of flechette shots in a striking way. You wouldn’t anticipate that they would be able to rip through armor; nonetheless, you would be rather astonished at how rapidly 12/70 Flechette bullets can take down even the most heavily armored PMCs. Although they might not be as efficient at armor penetration as AP-20 slugs, they are significantly simpler to acquire.

The harm that flechettes inflict on the flesh is where their greatest strength lies. Due to the fact that Tarkov does not have any lower body armor, the legs of any PMC are vulnerable to any and all harm. A PMC’s legs may be rendered useless by flechettes in a matter of seconds, after which the damage to the rest of the PMC’s body would begin to spread. If the opponent in the fight isn’t wearing armor, the mission will be considerably simpler for you to do.

12/70 8.5mm Magnum Buckshot

Even while it may not be as effective at penetrating armor as the AP-20 slug or as effective at tearing through flesh as flechettes, Magnum Buckshot is still highly powerful. If you are facing an opponent who is wearing armor, you should direct your attacks at their legs or, if they do not have a face shield on, their face. Because it has one of the highest pellet counts available, using this ammunition makes it much simpler to strike a target in the face, which is a common objective in this game.

Due to the fact that a blow to the head requires just a small number of pellets to kill a target in Escape From Tarkov, this type of inexpensive ammunition is the most effective option available. Not only will you be able to acquire Magnum Buckshot from Jaeger quite early on in the game, but you will also be able to create it relatively early on in your hideout for a low cost. In the event that you are out of alternative shotgun ammunition to use, your best bet is to use some reliable Magnum Buckshot.

Obviously, these are not the only possibilities available to you when it comes to shotguns. You may use any kind of slug if you have the confidence that you would be able to be pretty precise with a shotgun and that you would be able to strike a target at a long range with it. But after that, you might as well simply use a rifle of some type as your primary weapon. If you are having problems generating money in Escape From Tarkov, you may want to check out our guide for advice on how to make money.

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