Some individuals can’t wait to finish the games they have invested countless hours into so that they may go through them once more using the New Game Plus mode. This is often a more difficult level that allows you to carry over your unlocks from the previous game so that you may put your skills to a little bit more of a test.

You might be curious about whether or if Sonic Frontiers has a New Game Plus option after finishing the game’s primary storyline since the gameplay focuses on the free-roaming exploration of vast zones. Your response may be found here.

Does completing Sonic Frontiers unlock a New Game Plus mode for further playthroughs?

Fans of the New Game Plus mode may be disappointed to learn that Sonic Frontiers does not, at least initially, have this feature. After completing the primary storyline, you will be able to access Arcade Mode, which is a menu option that enables you to rapidly choose and play any one of the thirty Cyber Space missions.

At the moment, this is all you get; there is no New Game Plus option, which would allow you to restart the tale while keeping all of your previously unlocked skills and leveled-up stats. If you start a new game, it will be like starting from zero, and you will lose all of your unlocks if you do so. However, you may reload an existing save and continue to gather items that you did not obtain the first time around.

Despite the fact that Sonic Frontiers is the first game in which Sega has taken their primary mascot in this new path, there are probably some individuals who are dissatisfied that there is no New Game Plus feature.

They could have started developing one at some point, and in the future, it might be included as downloadable content (DLC) or an update. However, as of the time this article was written, there has been no comment on that possibility from Sega. This article will be updated with any new information on the New Game Plus mode should it become available in the future.

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