There are a wide variety of challenges available now that the new Battle Pass system has been implemented. These challenges range from daily to weekly to competitive to seasonal.

You will gain a substantial quantity of experience points (XP) for completing each one, which will speed up the process of completing this Battle Pass. “High Roller” is one of the tasks that are available at this time of year. In order to complete the Circuit Royal mission in Overwatch 2, you must achieve five eliminations on the balcony of Maison Borsa. But where exactly is the balcony? Learn more about it here.

Where in the Circuit Royal map of Overwatch 2 may one find the Balcony of Maison Borsa?

This is a payload that has been added to an Escort map. While the defenders are responsible for preventing the racing vehicle from advancing forward, the attackers will be tasked with escorting the race car.

Your point of interest won’t come into play, though, until after the assaulting team has reached the first checkpoint. After this point, the cargo will make its way up an incline, and then it will complete a U-turn. At that turn, you will notice the Maison Borsa, which is the object of attraction for you.

Since the entrance to this place is located closer to where the defensive team spawns, it is simpler for them to reach this location. You may utilize it as a vantage point to pick off defenders who are trying to stop the point from advancing if you are an attacker. 

Using a character who is capable of easily ascending to higher ground, such as Widowmaker or Sojourn, will make your life much simpler. Only while it is making that turn will this area be in the best position to take advantage of the favorable conditions. This is dependent on the placement of the payload.

The objective of the challenge is to obtain an Elimination; hence, all that is required of you is to deal an opponent who has eliminated just enough damage for it to count toward you. It does not have to be a Solo Kill in order for it to count.

You should probably stay away from utilizing characters like Pharah as well. While she can get to this balcony without any trouble, you are most likely going to be flying through the air the whole time. You’re free to proceed with it as long as you’re not standing on it and using her rockets to take out your opponents. It’s possible that flying around it won’t count.

As is the case with a great number of other challenges, you won’t be able to finish this one in a Custom Game or a Practice Match Against the Computer. It must either be in the Quickplay mode or the Competitive mode. Acquiring it without actively playing the game should not be too difficult, especially considering that you have the whole Battle Pass season to do it.

Overwatch 2 may now be played on the PC, the PlayStation 5, the PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. It can also be played on the Nintendo Switch.

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