You will be required to do a wide variety of activities in order to fulfill the various tasks that are included in the first season of Overwatch 2’s Battle Pass. Some are limited to a certain Hero, while others, like the Double-Double challenge, demand you to achieve a set number of eliminations in a particular region of the map.

In order to win, you must score five eliminations either in or from the Hotel Montebianco or the Memorial Library on New Queen Street, but where exactly are these locations? We are able to provide you with some clarity regarding that matter right now.

On New Queen Street, where exactly can one find the Hotel Montebianco or the Memorial Library?
As this is a Push map, you need to make sure that your Hero and team composition reflect that. In this version of the game, your objective is to guide the robot in the middle of the screen toward the location of the enemy base while maintaining control of it.

The winning team will be the one that can move the robot the furthest. Imagine this situation as being similar to a two-way Escort assignment. Because of the striking similarities between this task and the High Roller challenge on Circuit Royal, it is essential that you correctly identify your location.

If the score for both sides is the same, this might be a difficult situation to navigate. The objective is to eliminate five people while playing in either the Hotel Montebianco or the Memorial Library. On the other hand, due to the design of the map, these locations are situated in regions that are immediately outside of the initial spawn spot for each team.

If you start your adventure from Union Station, Hotel Montebianco will be immediately in front of you. The Memorial Library is directly in front of you if you spawn in the vicinity of the Curling Club. If the game is only played from one side and you use a flanker, it will be much simpler for you to finish the task.

In these hypothetical games with only one possible outcome, it does not matter if you are winning or losing. More people are going to be in the area of these significant areas since the robot is going to be situated closer to them.

At some point in the future, the robot will make its way to the area just outside and around the hotel or the library. The only requirement is that you must be present in the institution and vanquish one of your rivals. You also have the option of eliminating a rival who is currently located within the location while you yourself are outside of it. The second possibility is that the two of you should go in there together, which is the safer but riskier choice.

Additionally, the elimination does not have to be a result of a solo kill. If their name is mentioned, then it ought to count. One other thing to keep in mind is that you will not be able to get this by participating in a private Custom Game or by competing against the computer in a practice match. Quickplay or Competitive mode is required to complete this task.

Overwatch 2 may now be played on the PC, the PlayStation 5, the PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. It can also be played on the Nintendo Switch.

Warning: To Improve the Feeling of Smoothness When Aiming in Overwatch 2, Turn Off Dynamic Render Scale and Other Settings

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