When will the Warframe expansion pack Revenant Prime be available to purchase

Following the conclusion of Devstream 164, which provided us with a preview of what’s in store for us in the not-too-distant future of Warframe, we learned about a variety of fascinating new developments.

In addition to receiving an update on crossplay and cross-save, as well as interim updates, we have info on the game’s next Prime Warframe, which will be called Revenant Prime. The standard frame was already rather well-liked by the general public; so, when can we expect to learn the exact release date for the Revenant Prime in Warframe? Read on to find out.

When can we expect to see the release of Revenant Prime?

On October 5, 2022, much to the astonishment of many people, he will be let free. After making his statement a little under a week ago, he will be accessible to the general public not much more than a week later. Not only will he be made available, but the Tatsu Prime and the Phantasma Prime, the distinctive weapons he uses, will also be made available at the same time.

Following it has already been three months since the launch of Khora Prime, this indicates that Revenant Prime will soon have its very own collection of Relics that players may gather. When he is let free, we will be able to identify which ones they are.

The fifth of October is more than just the date of his release. This date also marks the beginning of the Nights of Naberus Halloween extravaganza that will go until Halloween night. You won’t just have Revenant Prime to look forward to; you’ll also have a multitude of other cosmetics and things to farm, some of which will provide you the opportunity to acquire Relics along the road.

In reference to the Revenant Prime, you have the option of gathering his Relics by farming or purchasing him outright through Prime Access. If you go through Prime Access, you may obviously avoid the farming procedure and immediately obtain him along with all of his equipment.

When you purchase Prime Access, there are several different packages available. The primary one includes a frame, weapons, a glyph, and a discount on platinum. In addition to that, there is the Prime Accessories Pack, which includes cosmetics as well as 90-day boosters. To be more specific, you should go for the main pack because that is where the newly added stuff is located.

On PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC, players do not have to pay to access the Warframe online game.

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