What are the steps to changing your name in Omega Strikers

When you play a lot of online games, one way to represent who you are is via the customization of aspects of your user name, tags, and skins. You’ll want to make sure you have the appropriate moniker before you begin your Omega Strikers journey. But what are your options if the decision you make the first time around turns out to be the wrong one?

In Omega Strikers, do you have the option to modify your name?

In Omega Strikers, the simple answer is no; you cannot alter your name under any circumstances. You are instantly brought to their terms and agreements when creating an account, provided that the name you choose is acceptable to their censor filter. Only after that are you allowed to begin playing the game. When you check to see if a name is available, you run the risk of unwittingly committing yourself to a name that you don’t particularly like. No one enjoys being the person with the username that gets made fun of every time a lobby is created by the user and their friends.

If you wish to alter your name, what choices do you have available to you?

Even while the game does not yet have a function that allows players to alter their names, it does not mean that you are out of luck. You could make a new account with a better-sounding name if you haven’t already spent a lot of money on the greatest characters that can be purchased if you want to change it.

You also have the choice of going to the Omega Strikers Discord and submitting a ticket to ask for your name to be changed. Naturally, name changes aren’t as high of a priority for the developers as other aspects of the game, so you should be prepared for a long answer if you ever receive one at all. They will need to maintain ranked play and focus on getting the game released on consoles first.

You can just wait till they add a name-changing function to the game if you are patient and able to put up with the funny, ridiculous, or dull name you selected on your first try. If you are patient and able to put up with the name you picked on your first try. It’s a frequent feature seen in games with several players, so much like a practice mode, it could take a little bit longer time.

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