What Are the Best Settings for PUBG Mobile Sensitivity, Graphics, and Recoil Control


The portable gaming community has been completely overtaken by PUBG Mobile. It is essential, just like it is in any other mobile game, to make sure that you have the appropriate settings enabled so that you can bring your A-game during battle. We have you covered with this tutorial, whether the issue at hand includes sensitivity and recoil or if you just want to enable the game to have the finest visuals possible for your particular device.

Where can I get the optimal settings for PUBG Mobile?

Within the PUBG Mobile menu, there are a wide variety of tunable options for you to experiment with. When you analyze all of the available options, there is no question that the first things you want to work on are the visuals and the sensitivity settings. Some are more crucial than others.

Improving these two options will provide you with greater visual quality in-game and lower recoil on your weaponry, allowing you to perform your best on the battlefield. Continue reading to learn the specific adjustments that we would make to each of these variables.


Graphics are an essential component of any video game and may create or break the player’s sense of immersion. HDR Extreme is the ideal graphic choice and frame to match together for better picture quality and performance. Whether or not this is the case depends on the power of your phone, but HDR Extreme is the greatest option.

When it comes to fashion, the color selection is the one you should always choose as your first choice. It offers the game the finest aesthetic possible while still being easy on the eyes, which is vital if you plan on playing for long periods of time.

Make sure your anti-aliasing is turned on in the graphics settings tab of the options menu. You may reduce the appearance of jagged edges on rounded or slanted objects by activating this setting, which will result in a smoother overall image. Digital photography is composed of very small square pixels, thus jagged edges are inevitable when photographing rounded or sloping objects.

Sensitivity as well as Rebound

If you want to be successful in PUBG, adjusting this option is perhaps the most crucial thing you can do. The following is a summary of what we discovered to be the optimal setting for sensitivity and reducing recoil when playing a video game. Feel free to make any necessary adjustments as you search for your ideal level and determine which number best serves your needs in terms of muscle memory.


  • Third-Person Limited Scope – 100%
  • 104% of First-Person No-Scope Statements
  • 60% accuracy with a red dot, holographic, and aim assist
  • 2x Scope – 38%
  • 3x Scope – 28%
  • 4x ACOG Scope – 18%
  • 6x Scope – 14%
  • 8x Scope – 12%

ADS Sensitivity

  • Third-Person Limited Scope – 100%
  • 1st Person, No Scope – 105% of the Time
  • 60% accuracy with a red dot, holographic, and aim assist
  • 2x Scope – 38%
  • 3x Scope – 28%
  • 4x ACOG Scope – 18%
  • 6x Scope – 14%
  • 8x Scope – 12%


  • No Scope for the Third Person – 230%
  • 1st Person, No Scope – a 230% increase
  • 270% bonus when using the red dot, holographic, and aim assist.
  • 2x Scope – 175%
  • 3x Scope – 136%
  • 4x ACOG – 75%
  • 6x Scope – 50%
  • 8x Scope – 40%

Take note of the fact that the majority of the bullet points are on the upper end. This is because you need to be able to spin around 180 degrees in a reasonable amount of time in order to eliminate adversarial opponents who are flanking you from behind.

You should modify them to match your needs, but this should serve as an excellent starting point. To obtain the best possible results from the configurations described above, the gyroscope should be set to the “scope only” mode.

PUBG Mobile is available today on mobile devices.

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