Lurantis, the flowery and regal Grass Pokémon, is sure to be on the radar of fans of the Grass-type thanks to her formidable offensive potential and vibrant presence. The path to developing Fomantis into Lurantis is not as straightforward as the path to evolve some of the other Pokémon in the game, though.

Lurantis is a formidable Grass-type Pokémon, but to fully blossom, you will first need to learn how to evolve this bouquet into its more advanced form. In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, the following is the evolution path for Fomantis into Lurantis.

The evolution of Fomantis into Lurantis and how to do it

Romantic is a Pokémon of the Grass-type that can be captured early on in the game and taken to any one of a large number of different locations.

This floral fanatic may be found in North Province, East Province, South Province, Tagtree Thicket, and Glaseado Mountain. South Province, East Province, and North Province are the other areas.

Once you have captured a Fomantis, it is time to either get some candies ready or work on raising its level, as this Pokémon must be at least Level 34 to develop.

Because this evolution is not a simple level-up evolution, there is a further phase that must be completed. You must work during the day to get Fomantis to Level 34 as quickly as possible.

If Fomantis reaches Level 34 at any other time of day besides dawn or dusk, it will not evolve at that point, and you will need to level it up once more. You can influence the in-game clock by adjusting the time settings on your Nintendo Switch; however, you must ensure that you can evolve the clock after the day has begun.

Fomantis will evolve as soon as it levels past 34 if it levels up during the day, so another option is to play naturally and let it evolve at its own pace. This will allow it to evolve as soon as it levels past 34.

Bagon may be found in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet if you know where to look.

Since Romantic is a Pokémon that only possesses the Grass type, it is vulnerable to attacks of the Fire-type, Ice-type, Poison-type, Flying, and Bug-type. You can easily capture Fomantis if you use one of these moves to weaken it significantly, but you should avoid going overboard and defeating it before you can capture it.

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