You may dress your goat in a variety of outfits that you can find around Goat Simulator 3 and gather to add to your wardrobe. Even though there are a number of various clothing pieces that don’t provide anything remarkable, many of the clothing items have special qualities that you can employ to assist you to travel the area, painting the walls, or wreaking widespread havoc.

You have the potential to cause major havoc in both the city proper and the surrounding areas, depending on the equipment you equip. The purpose of this guide is to provide you with a ranking of the many clothing abilities available in Goat Simulator 3, starting from the least desirable to the most desirable.

Ghost Movie Prop

Although it is not the most powerful weapon in the game, the Ghost Movie Prop is certainly one of the most recognizable items of apparel. In the event that you are unaware, this device takes inspiration from the Ghost Trap shown in Ghostbusters.

The captured spirits are set free in the Goat Simulator version of the game, and the ghosts are then able to possess the humans that are strolling about the downtown area. This is the sole variation between the movie version and the game. People who have been possessed may act in unusual ways as they spin and glide away from the area.

Firework Launcher

Saints Row and Grand Theft Auto V are just two examples of the many open-world video games that have come out over the years and given players the ability to use a rocket launcher that fires fireworks as a weapon.

The fireworks in Goat Simulator 3 are a lot more destructive than they were before. If you set off a firework using the Fireworks Launcher, you will observe people, automobiles, and even the cat of your next-door neighbor being propelled into the air. If you strike someone with it, they will vanish in an instant like a star in a blaze of light. Just don’t press Alt + F4.

Rocket Boots

Everyone harbors a hidden ambition within them to one day become a covert operative, a superhero, or both. Even while you won’t actually be a superhero while playing Goat Simulator, you’ll at least be able to pretend to be one with the help of the Rocket Boots. Putting on this ritzy pair of shoes will get you access to a dash that will propel you ahead at an incredible rate of speed.

Even while there is a possibility of a few bugs, the vast majority of the time these boots will cause you to careen around the city at fast speeds, slamming into items along the way. If you add a pair of wings to that combination, you’ll be able to spend hours soaring through the air.

Queen of Goats

Have you ever given any consideration to how fantastic it would be to rule over all of the many varieties of goats? You might have an infinite number of subjects, each of whom was a goat, genuflecting before you. Not only will you discover a nice new chair waiting for you once you rank up in the Illuminati, but you will also find a skull mask waiting for you there.

You are able to call forth your devoted followers with the simple push of a button when you have the Goat Queen head. They will come crashing down from the sky all around you, crushing everything foolish enough to stand in their way. Unfortunately, after they have made contact with the ground, they will not move, but the effect will still take place.

Blower for leaves

Both live on the farm and life in the big city doesn’t live up to their respective reputations. After a long day of wreaking havoc, you may find that you are required to get to work and clean up the mess you caused. The Leaf Blower backpack is a useful gadget that possesses the capability to be activated and deactivated at a whim.

When engaged, it remains engaged throughout the journey and grants you the ability to demolish everything that stands in your way, including enormous vehicles. When your Leaf Blower exerts its destructive force on an object, that object will send anything that isn’t nailed down flying into the air.

Space Helmet

It is wonderful to see clothing items that stand out because there is a lot of stuff in the game that has effects that are similar to one another. However, nothing stands out as much as the space helmet does in this regard.

It is to your advantage to make use of this item, despite the fact that you can only obtain it by purchasing the game in its Digital Downgrade Edition. When you turn on this helmet, it generates an anti-gravity field around you, which gives you the ability to make items float, jump further, and hit people with more force. In addition to this, you will have the appearance of having been plucked right out of a futuristic film.

Shield of the Channitatium

The developers of Goat Simulator made sure to include an homage to the one and only Captain America for all of the people who enjoy reading comic books. You will be able to emerge from the world of cosplay with the Channitatium Shield if you participate in it.

This shield is just as powerful as Vibranium, despite the fact that it does not appear like it at all, and it is even capable of defying the rules of physics as it travels across the map. When you throw this shield towards a target, it will continue to bounce until you tell it to come back to you. You can even purchase a whole cosplay dress to go along with the shield that you can buy for yourself.

The face of the Demon

Some of the pieces of clothing give you the ability to blow things up, while other outfits give you the ability to blast off, just like Team Rocket from Pokémon. These tools are entertaining to use, but the Demon Face is the only one that can truly wreak mayhem in any situation.

The Demon Face head, which has enormous horns and bright eyes, gives you the ability to generate a whirlwind of chaos that draws in surrounding people and items and mingles them together until you command it to stop. This effect lasts until you turn the head off. Caution is advised since this whirlwind has a history of producing accidents involving spontaneous combustion, particularly when automobiles are involved.


Put the goat’s huge horns out of your mind and concentrate on the elderly woman who is swaying back and forth on the animal’s back while clutching a bazooka. The name of this backpiece is Karring, and she packs quite a punch for such a small old woman. This article on apparel earns bonus points for being so unconventional and outlandish that it’s ludicrous.

In order to get this article of apparel, you will need to make your way through a whole basement designed in the manner of Wolfenstein and populated with elderly women armed with bazookas. You may believe that Grandma launches rockets, but in reality, she blasts enormous yoga balls that are powerful enough to toss both people and automobiles.

Satellite Dish

Find a satellite dish on the top of a barn, skyscraper, or news truck, then step inside it if you haven’t already. The experience will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. You will be whisked away into the satellite dish before being propelled into the void. There are occasions when these satellite dishes are aligned, which enables travel across considerable distances.

You may attach one of these dishes to your back, and doing so will enable you to communicate with people all over the world regarding teleportation technology. Activate the Satellite Dish that is attached to your back in order to absorb something nearby, such as a person, car, or lemonade stand, and then activate the dish once again in order to hurl the object across the planet. Radio waves are quite powerful in this regard.

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