The introduction of Overwatch 2 has been fascinating, and many gamers are still lamenting the loss of the original version, which was discontinued not too long ago. Players of Overwatch 2 have encountered a variety of issues ever since the game’s release and these issues do not appear to be going away.

During the launch, there were many distributed denial of service assaults, as well as long wait times. A problem that many Overwatch 2 PC players have been experiencing in reference to their aim has, thankfully, been solved by a gamer who discovered a solution to the issue.

On October 7, a member of the Overwatch subreddit wrote a post outlining a potential solution to several issues pertaining to aim that PC gamers have been having.

According to the post, there are a few different approaches one may take in order to improve how aiming works in the game. When compared to Overwatch 1, the targeting has been regarded by some players as being floaty or just plain strange; however, there is now a way to adjust it on PC.

The first thing players will do, as stated in the post, is navigate to the game’s settings, choose the Controller tab, and change the Aiming Smoothing option to 0%. Because of whatever reason, this setting has been having an effect on the aims of many players; thus, turning it off will help your goal seem more natural.

Another piece of advice that will assist you in aiming more accurately is to activate the High Precision Mouse Input option that is located on the Gameplay tab of your settings. In the original version of Overwatch, this setting was always active, but for some unknown reason, it was removed from the subsequent game.

The final step for players is to go into their visual settings and turn off the ability to use dynamic render scale. Disabling this feature can assist improve the responsiveness of your inputs, as changing your resolution in the middle of a match can lead to stuttering and even input lag in some cases.

Unfortunately, gamers of Overwatch 2 have had to contend with a wide variety of troubles so soon to the game’s debut. Many of them have been complaining about the game’s monetization, and the ones who are not complaining about the game’s battle pass or cosmetic items and trying to get into a match by joining a queue with up to three thousand players have been complaining about the game’s battle pass or cosmetic items.

Overwatch 2 is currently available for purchase on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X. Visit the official Overwatch Twitter feed for further details on the game.

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