TikTok roleplayers made a viral game out of trading with capitalist cats

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On TikTok, roleplaying is quite popular; however, this typically entails someone dressing up in cosplay in order to create a video in which they invite you to a fantasy bar or provide you with an opportunity to go on a quest. A novel approach to roleplaying has quickly become popular on the site over the course of the past month. The hashtag has more than 730 million views to its credit, and the term in question is “dabloons.”

TikToker Sweezy asserts that he was the one who started it by publishing a slideshow on which he offered an appetite-satisfying hamburger to viewers and concluded with the joke that it would cost them “4 dabloons,” which was illustrated by a picture of a cat holding up four claws.

(A picture that was afterward shared on Instagram and turned into a meme) More carried on the joke by posting slideshows and videos in which they offered bowls of freshly made stew or soup or whole RPG shopping experiences. Still, others included cats and other characters, but especially cats, who paid out the fictitious cash instead.

Soon, gamers were recording their money and stuff in the Notes app, on paper character sheets, or in spreadsheets specifically designed for dabloon accounting. And in areas of high affluence, there is also a high level of criminality.

This includes robbers who demand that viewers hand over their dabloons, people who declare themselves to be dabloon launderers, and people who counterfeit dabloons by making offers that are too good to be true but turn out to be fake at the end of the videos.

It would appear that there are also assassins that specialize in dabloons. This warning of the inflation that is certain to come reveals that an entire economy, replete with its very own black market, has emerged recently, as evidenced by this warning.

If you’re feeling confused by all that’s been said, you’re not the only one. People who are perplexed by the overall absurdity of the scenario have posted a significant number of videos on the hashtag using the hashtag.

On the other hand, the internet has always been a place where people can take everything “ha ha only seriously,” where anything can acquire a bunch of fabricated rules and become an instant game, and where people will take anything seriously. Such as The Game, in which you have just been defeated in.

It can’t be too much longer now until the dabloons community begins asking questions, can it? They’ve crafted a made-up currency, but how is dabloon any different from cryptocurrency in terms of its fictitious nature? In the same vein, how are dabloons any less fictitious than any other form of currency that isn’t distributed by an internet cat? When you like really think about it, man, capitalism is just a game of let’s pretend we play along with it. When you really think about it.

Anyway, in the meantime, I have heard that there is a lady dressed up in cosplay who is selling items at reasonable prices that have not yet been impacted by the dabloon inflation crisis.

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