The Director’s Preview video of NCSoft’s anticipated next-generation MMORPG, Throne, and Liberty, was released today.

The creator and publisher of the game in Korea revealed some new information about the game and new locales and scenarios in a video that lasted for ten minutes and was available online. To begin, the producer Ahn Jong-ok discussed the consequence of a universe that is entirely seamless (dungeons included).

Players can connect because of the basis the globe provides, without borders. It opens up an almost infinite number of avenues for interaction. Take, for instance, an underground dungeon with a separate entrance and a significant region. Although it contains several levels and spaces, we could link all the individual areas together. It is feasible to move down to the ground floor straight away.

It is possible to offer assistance to other players on various floors or to cause damage to them. By tying together the dungeon’s interior, outside, top, and bottom, we hope to provide players with a unified sense of space throughout the adventure. In addition, instead of just running across the fields, players may explore the three-dimensional landscape of Throne and Liberty to find their paths through the world.

We united the entire globe into a single zone because we believe that the best part of a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) is getting to know new people, developing relationships with those we play with, and finding out who we are.

Lee Moon Seop, the Design Director for Throne and Liberty, took over to explain that the game has a classless system in which the roles are defined by the two weapons that the players select. Moon Seop also disclosed that players who did not choose to engage in Player against Player (PvP) combat would not be compelled to do so.

The majority of TL’s fields are designated as safe zones. Once contests such as regional tournaments or boss raids have begun, specific areas will enable players to engage in battle. The decision to participate in the activity is entirely up to the player.

A player can find out what kinds of competitions and events will take place in any part of the game world they happen to be in. This enables players to play strategically and eliminates the possibility that they will find themselves in unanticipated player-versus-player encounters. The globe of Throne and Liberty is made up of a wide variety of unique regions, each of which has its unique history, and the game’s tournaments are based on their histories.

All players within a particular region are eligible to compete in such regional competitions. Players will battle it out for around twenty minutes to see who can climb the ranks the fastest.

There will be a battle between the Guilds to determine who controls the so-called Possession Stones. The guild that controls them gains “improved capabilities” and certain essential raw materials.

In conclusion, NCSoft has stated that Throne and Liberty aim for a global release during the first half of 2023 on both PC and next-generation consoles. On the other hand, the game will also be accessible via streaming on mobile devices, most likely over the cloud.

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