Your travels across the Lands Between are sure to be plagued with peril at every turn. It’s possible that you wish to fight from a distance rather than using the shield you have, so you don’t have to worry about blocking melee weapons.

Bows are a highly practical alternative, and all across Elden Ring, you may find a variety of unique bows to choose from. The following is a list of the five best bows, in order from worst to finest, along with how you may acquire them.

The Great bow of Erdtree

This Faith-scaling Great bow is an excellent option for Holy Damage-focused setups that wish to inflict significant quantities of ranged damage without needing to cast any spells. It has a scaling effect on Faith. This heavyweight weapon will be of the most use to the vast majority of builds that are geared around increasing their Strength and Faith.

You’ll feel like a Tree Sentinel hurling holy damage down range when you use this ability with Golden Great Arrows and Lightning Greatbolts, since they pair the best together. However, a significant downside of this weapon is that it cannot deal any damage other than holy damage, and certain environments contain foes that are impervious to this form of harm. Additionally, it is not possible to infuse it with a different kind of Ash of War, and the Through and Through skill does not work very well with this kind of weapon.

In order to acquire the Erdtree Greatbow, you will first have to eliminate the gigantic mechanical chariot that freely roams the inside of the Fringefolk Heroes’ Grave. Continue down the same road that led you to the talisman of Erdtree’s Favor, but this time jump from the cliff just before you reach the bridge. After a short distance, you will come to a platform that you may jump to.

Take the elevator up to the next level, and then proceed on. Be wary of the Dragon Knight shadow that is far to your left, but you should have no trouble dealing with it. After you have eliminated the shade, proceed to the location where it was initially standing and look to your right. You will see that there are three enormous pots hanging in the air on ropes above the road that is being traveled by the roving mechanical chariot.

There are three opportunities for you to destroy the machine, but it requires precise timing when you drop one of the pots onto the machine. To cut the rope, you should make use of a ranged weapon such as a basic crossbow or bow.

Wait until the chariot makes contact with the wall that is closest to where you are below, count one second, and then discharge your bow. This will help you time it correctly and get it properly the first time. The pot should fall squarely into the chariot, causing it to be destroyed, and the bow will be added to your inventory without any more action required on your part.

Greatbows of the Lion and Greatbows of the Golem (tie)

The Lion Greatbow is recognized as having the distinction of being one of the superior long-range weapons that may be obtained from a boss. It has a passive function that increases damage done by 20% when Radahn’s Spears are used as ammo, and it provides fair scaling for Strength as the level of the character increases.

Because it scales better than other weapons, most Strength builds will choose to use this weapon all the way up until extremely high levels. An intriguing piece of information that may be used to make the most out of this bow is the fact that the passive bonus of 20% to Radahn’s Spears remains active for as long as the weapon is equipped. It also comes with a one-of-a-kind ability called Radahn’s Rain, which rains a barrage of arrows down on a target area over the course of several seconds, doing a consistent amount of damage.

Players who are very astute, however, have found a second application for the Lion Greatbow. You can do the most damage possible by using the Radahn’s Spears as ammunition in the Golem Greatbow, which has a slightly higher Attack rating than the Lion Greatbow. You can equip the Lion Greatbow in your off-hand so that it is accessible when you need it, and then equip the Golem Greatbow as your primary weapon.

In order to acquire the Lion Greatbow, the player must first fight Starscourge Radahn in the depths of Caelid and then bring the item “Remembrance of the Starscourge” to Finger Reader Enya in the Roundtable Hold. Only then will the player be granted access to the Lion Greatbow. Killing a Golem Archer, which has a random chance to drop the Golem Greatbow when it dies, is the only way for players to get this weapon.

On the route leading to the Colosseum in Caelid, which will have two Golem Archers guarding the main path, you’ll find one of the better sources of these items. You may make the fight simpler for yourself by moving closer to the golems and attacking their ankles with melee attacks. This will knock them down, leaving their chest cavity open to critical hits from your opponent.

Crossbow with a Pulley

The Pulley Crossbow is not just a technological wonder but also the sole burst-fire ranged weapon in Elden Ring. It is an even more impressive weapon due to the fact that you do not need to use both hands in order to wield it. Players have the option of using their primary weapon while also wielding a secondary weapon, such as a crossbow, in order to do ranged chip damage or to annoy enemies before closing the distance and using their primary weapon.

In contrast to other types of crossbows, this one fires three arrows in rapid succession rather than just one. This gives it a distinct advantage in combat. It has a somewhat less precise aim, which is a minor drawback, but if players know how to use it properly, they may utilize it to inflict debuffs from elemental arrows, such as Crimson Rot or Deadly Poison.

You will need to go to the Craftsman’s Shack Site of Grace and search for a body in the area in order to find the Pulley Crossbow.

Bow and Pulley

This weapon is the sibling of the Pulley Crossbow and is a fantastic option for builds that prioritize dexterity over raw power and require light to medium levels of armor. Scaling from Dexterity and Strength stats allows for lots of versatility, and low requirements mean that this bow can fit into a very wide array of builds either as a primary source of damage or as a way to chip away at something from safe distances. Scaling from Dexterity and Strength stats also allows for lots of versatility.

The Pulley Bow is notable for being one of the weapons with the longest range in the game. This is due to the fact that its arrows go longer and more directly toward their target than the projectiles of any other ranged weapon in Elden Ring. If you want even more strength and range for your sniper builds, or if you just want to have more fun in invasions where you can’t be seen, equip the talismans of the Arrow’s Sting and the Arrow’s Reach.

Look for a dead body on top of a wooden tower to the north of the Gelmir Heroes’ Grave Site of Grace. This is where you will discover the Pulley Bow. If there is a very long ladder leading up to the top of the tower, climb it all the way to the top and loot the dead body that is on the ledge that is overlooking the region below.

Jar Cannon

It’s not really a bow, but it does have the ability to launch projectiles. Due to the tremendous damage and flinch that is delivered while being struck by the projectile, this weapon, which is on the verge of becoming funny, is a cornerstone of cheesy tactics that are used by invading players. Because it does not scale with any single stat, it lends itself well to any build. Additionally, it accepts any Great Arrow or Great Bolt as ammo.

Due to the fact that the Jar Cannon is an unusual weapon, the damage it deals may be increased by a wide variety of sources in addition to arrow talismans. Spells like “Flame Grant Me Strength” and “Lord of Blood’s Exultation” provide a flat increase to Attack Power and will impact weapon damage in general; therefore, you should employ these spells any way you see fit in order to get the most out of your strikes.

The Jar Cannon is obtainable by winning the boss fight against Demi-Human Queen Margot, which takes place deep under Mt. Gelmir. On Mount Gelmir, on the side of the mountain wall, just to the north-northwest of the Minor Erdtree is where you’ll find the Volcano Cave.

After activating the Site of Grace, make your way through the tunnel, and Margot will be waiting for you in the room that is the furthest into the cave system.

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