After exploring Ares Island thoroughly and locating the Chaos Emeralds and Knuckles Memory Tokens, it is finally time to take on the second titan in Sonic Frontiers. This titan will test your speed, agility, and strength. Similar to the Giganto that came before it, the Wyvern is a massive flying foe that can only be defeated by using Super Sonic. This is the strategy you should use to defeat it.

Defeating the Wyvern titan in Sonic Frontiers and how to do it

Unlike the fight against the Giganto boss, this fight contains a lot of rings that you can capture while you’re fighting. However, before you face off against this large robot, you should still make use of the Cyloop ability to rack up at least a few hundred health points for yourself.

When you first come across the Wyvern, the first thing you have to do is climb up to it and get the last Chaos Emerald. Climb the tall tower that is just below where it is flying. You will need to run towards it.

There is nothing especially difficult to do here, so all you need to do is make your way to the top and utilize your homing attack whenever the Wyvern gets close. This will cause a cutscene to begin, after which a new running course will become available for you to complete.

Stay out of the way of the energy strikes and utilize your homing attack to take out the spinning red laser beams as you make your way up the track. If you can withstand this for a sufficient amount of time, you will be tossed on top of the Wyvern and given the opportunity to retrieve the Chaos Emerald and change into Super Sonic.

The Wyvern as the initial phase’s boss

This boss fight is relatively easy and does not require nearly as much strategy as the one with Giganto did. You will be put on a path that will cause you to follow the Wyvern as it travels around the arena as you do so automatically. When you are hit and knocked behind the Wyvern’s pace, use a boost to make up the difference and catch up to it.

After successfully deflecting all of the Wyvern’s strikes, the only time you will be able to engage it in combat and deal damage is while it is stunning. Because there is no time limit on holding your party, you are free to remain still if that is what you like to do. At some point, the Wyvern will begin to fire missiles in your direction. You can deflect one of these and send it back to them if you parry it.

After being struck by a missile for a short period of time, the Wyvern will spin around in the air and attempt to slash you. Again, if you hold your parry, you will be able to stun it, which will leave it defenseless against a large string of combinations. You may also use Quick Cyloop to temporarily stun it for a little longer period of time. Once you have reduced its health to just a hair over half, you will advance to the next step.

The Wyvern as the last boss, phase two

The Wyvern monster will unleash rings of energy that will knock you back during the second phase of the fight against it. Due to the fact that you are still on the track, avoiding them is rather simple. The strategy described in the last section is applicable here; deflect a missile, and the Wyvern will attempt to slash you. This time, though, in order to stun it, you will need to block two slashes instead of just one.

After you have reduced Wyvern’s health bar to a critical level, the next phases of this battle are conducted entirely through quick-time events. First, Sonic will be surrounded by missiles, and you have to time when you click the button such that it occurs when the white ring enters the red ring. Even if you make a mistake, the game gives you another chance to play. This renders it helpless, allowing you to launch further assaults.

Following the completion of one more round of blocking a slash attack, you will be presented with a dialog that instructs Sonic to turn the Wyvern around and fling it into some rocks. Another event with the red ring time mechanic will follow the one in which you have to repeatedly tap a button in order to prevent the Wyvern from attacking you.

After completing one more round of red ring and button-mashing Quick Time Events (QTEs), the battle finally comes to an end when Sonic guides missiles into the Wyvern’s mouth to kill it. This brings an end to a dispute that was more about showmanship than actual substance.

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