It’s no secret that Sonic is all about speed, but in Frontiers, you’ll really have the ability to fine-tune the particular variables that influence how quickly the blue blur moves. These do not cheat codes; using them will not allow you to move quicker than the game truly permits. However, they are a fantastic method to give more control to more experienced players who like being a bit more reckless. Therefore, what should you do to set yours?

The explanation behind the Speed Settings in Sonic Frontiers

First things first: before we give you any particular advice, let’s go through what each of the options actually means. The menu has a number of sliders, all of which may have their values adjusted between 0 and 100 in tenths of a point increments.

Initial Velocity/Speed

This is the pace at which Sonic travels when you first begin running; it is the speed at which he travels when you first begin running.

Initial Boosting Velocity

Identical to what was described before, except that it affects the pace at which you start moving after using your boost. This applies both while you are playing Cyber Space levels and while you are in the overworld with the Power Boost.

The rate of rotation

The speed at which Sonic will turn left or right depends on how far you slide the joystick.

Increase the rate of your turns.

Again, this is quite similar to the setting that was just discussed, but this one relates just to the times when you boost.

Top Speed

This determines the maximum speed that Sonic may achieve. However, despite the fact that it can’t drive you beyond the limitations of the maximum speed and ring capacity improvements, it does enhance that stat.

The Sensitivity of Steering

This has no effect on Sonic himself, but it will have an effect on the input you get as the player. The higher it is set, the less real movement of the joystick is required for Sonic to react. Imagine this option as being similar to the sensitivity setting on your computer’s mouse.


The earlier “speed” metrics have an effect on how quickly Sonic can go, but this one determines how quickly he can accelerate to those speeds. If this figure is larger, it indicates that you will be able to recover back to your prior speed considerably more quickly following a wipeout.

Height of the Bounce

This has more to do with the ability to maintain aerial control than it does with speed. The greater this value is, the farther Sonic will bounce away from uneven surfaces when it collides with them.

Camera Speed

This one doesn’t require an explanation. If you increase the camera speed, the viewing angle will spin more quickly whenever you tilt the joystick that is allocated to you.

In Sonic Frontiers, what kinds of speed settings should you play with?

We won’t take the easy way out and suggest that the decision to customize your settings should be fully up to you, but in general, you should experiment with different options to see what gives you the greatest comfort. It’s probable that first-timers will prefer to keep all of the settings at their defaults, while seasoned players might feel more at ease with everything turned up to maximum.

Having said that, there is a certain setting called steering sensitivity that each and every person ought to pay attention to. Everyone should keep this at or around 50 percent at all times. If you go any higher than that, you will be thrown off course, and if it’s too low, you won’t be able to correct for turns as effectively. Both of these outcomes are undesirable. Additionally, if you want to get an S Rank in any of the Cyber Space levels, you should retain both your beginning speed and your first boost speed at the same level, which is 100.

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