There are still a few months left until the release of Forspoken, which means that Square Enix has plenty of time to provide us with additional information about what we can anticipate from the action-packed adventure that features both magic and parkour. The most recent in-depth look at the game from its creators focuses on the supplementary content and activities that players will have access to all over the world of Athia.

The movie, which is titled Exploring Athia, discusses ten various activities that may be completed within the game. The Flashback category is one of the more interesting ones to look over. These allow you to see the world as it was before the Break, which is the term given to the destructive force that was responsible for breaking apart the continent. Flashbacks are akin to time travel in that they enable Frey to compete in (and relive) a variety of tasks that were originally established in the past.

In addition to the newly released deep dive, there is also an article on the PlayStation Blog that provides even more information on these activities. The Locked Labyrinths are dungeons that each feature their own unique paths that resemble mazes, as well as minibosses to fight.

You can also level up your various skills by participating in Spellcraft Challenges and Combat Challenges, which are referred to respectively as Founts of Blessing. The use of magic in combat is already impressive, but if you put in the effort, you may cast spells that are much more potent.

Monuments are hidden all over the world map for Frey to discover; however, some of them can only be accessed through the use of magic parkour. Additionally, Old Coins are buried there; these coins may be bartered for other products or used to make various supplies.

You will also have the ability to locate familiars that have gone missing. Forspoken will include a photo mode, and the dice game known as Partha will be the tenth and final side activity available to players. Depending on how she rolls, Frey will receive a boost to her statistics as a result of this.

There is unquestionably a great deal taking place in Forspoken. It is not surprising that the release of the game was pushed back to January so that the development team could complete the “final polishing stage.” In either case, we shouldn’t be too far off from that point now. The release date of Forspoken is set for January 24th, 2023.

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