It’s possible that the most lethal weapon in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 isn’t even a rifle at all; instead, it may be a drone that’s been modified to detonate explosives close to its targets. The bomb drones are an uncommon pickup on the Warzone 2 map. They are silent, have the ability to identify targets through barriers and explode with such a powerful force that an entire squad may be turned to rubble in a matter of seconds even when they have full health. There are videos of players laughing hysterically when their bomb explodes all over Reddit and other social media platforms.

One player commented on Reddit, “I have nearly one thousand hours from WZ1 and I can say nothing came as close to being [overpowered] as the bomb drone is,” referring to the bomb drone. Another player then chimed in, saying that the weapon’s fatal flaw was “the 80% chance to get glitched and frozen in place.” This was in reference to a recurring bug that occurs when using drones and causes the player to become immobilized and unable to move.

To be clear, they do not pose an inherent risk of death: When one is deployed in the area, there is an audible warning, but the humming noise that their flight makes might be easy to miss in the middle of a conflict. The bomb drones themselves are really relatively unusual floor loot; but, in a Warzone 2 match with 150 players milling around, the statistical fluke is bound to catch some people off guard. One player was quoted as saying, “I die almost every match to a bomb drone.”

The fact that the explosion radius of the drone is so large appears to be another disadvantage, as it causes players to be eliminated along with the targets they are attempting to eliminate. The player can be seen in a video posted to Reddit by one Andreas-Vamsti taking themselves down right on the edge of the gas ring, coming dangerously close to preventing themselves from winning.

Players’ creative problem-solving is unaffected by the scarcity of built-in bomb drones in the game. If you have a regular drone and some C4, you can make your own weaponry using the do-it-yourself method.

In any case, we’re just having a good time here in Call of Duty territory, so nothing to worry about. These massively multiplayer online games are all about the crazy things you get to do during the course of the game. Some days you bomb drone, some days you get bomb drone’d.

Let me be clear: this is not a Call of Duty-ism. If you are not intimately familiar with the horrors of the contemporary battlefield, let me assure you that this is not a game. These kinds of bomb drones are a reality and are being used by the national military right now. However, due to the fact that they are far more lethal, they generally do not look like the ones in Call of Duty. I am sorry to hear that you are now aware of it.

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