Even though it’s only a tiny section of the general area, the long-awaited Streets of Tarkov map has finally been added to the hard-core first-person shooter game Escape from Tarkov, which is credited with creating the extraction shooter subgenre. The following is an excerpt from the patch notes that the developers wrote at Battlestate Games:

This update includes the addition of a new area of the city of Tarkov, which can be found near the crossroads of Primorsky Avenue and Klimov Street. An abandoned factory, the Pinewood Hotel, the building of a news agency, a residential complex called Concordia, a car dealership, the Terracot Business Center, a theater, a Sparzha supermarket, and a few other items of urban infrastructure may be found in this portion of the area. This is the beginning of the work that will be done in the city, and the place will be developed further in the future.

However, Update 0.13 brings in more content than simply the initial portion of the Streets of Tarkov expansion. FSR 2.1 has been included in Escape from Tarkov, which will be a pleasant surprise to users of AMD (which already features NVIDIA DLSS support).

The game already supported FSR 1.0, but upgrading to 2.1 should be a significant improvement both in terms of image quality and overall performance. Additionally, on the technical side, Battlestate switched from using Steam Audio to using Oculus Audio. They believe this change should improve placement accuracy when binaural audio is enabled.

With the new patch, Escape from Tarkov received many other additions and adjustments, such as the new Light armor and Heavy armor skills, the reworked Charisma skill, many new options for the co-op PvE mode (no energy and water drain, bot configuration; spawn point selection options; weather condition options; time of day configuration); five new stimulants; seven new weapons; and, of course, many more bug fixes and balance changes.

Please be aware that the upgrade will delete all of your data. Even if there is no clear conclusion for the development of Escape from Tarkov’s Beta phase, which began almost five and a half years ago, many players continue to take pleasure in playing the game.

The TSMC 3nm Volume Production and Capacity Expansion Ceremony occurred at the Fab 18 Site.

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