Street Fighter 6 Ryu Moveset Guide: Full move list, frame data, and more


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Ryu is one of the many iconic characters from the Street Fighter franchise that will make a comeback in Street Fighter 6, and he will be playable by players in battles against other opponents. Before you jump in and start utilizing this character, you might want to make sure that you become familiar with many of his attacks and combos that you’ll want to utilize against an opponent. These attacks and combinations can be found in the game’s manual. This guide details Ryu’s complete move set for Street Fighter 6, including all of his special moves.

Every single one of Ryu’s moves in Street Fighter 6.

In Street Fighter 6, you may utilize these moves when playing as Ryu. In addition to this, we analyze each frame contained inside these maneuvers.

Data on Special Moves and the Frames

  • No stance and a Special Move are required to use Hadoken (12 Frame start-up, 47 Frame total)
  • Shoryuken means “Advance while using a Special Move” (7 Frame start-up, 65 Frame total)
  • Move back and perform a special move with the Tatsumaki Senpu-kyaku (14 frames to start, 61 frames altogether).
  • Move down and then perform the special move to perform a High Blade Kick (18 frames to start, 45 frames overall).
  • Aerial Tatsumaki Senpu-kyaku: Special Move (while doing a forward jump) (11 frames to start, and a total of 60 frames)

Special Arts

  • Shinku Hadoken: Move ahead or not at all while performing a special move and a heavy attack (8 Frame start-up, 87 Frame total)
  • Move in reverse while performing a special move and a heavy attack (12 frames to start, 56 frames overall). Shin Hashokgei.
  • Move down + Special Move + Heavy Attack constitute the Shin Shoryuken, which has a start-up time of 5 frames and a total time of 36 frames.

Unique Attacks

  • Move forward and perform a medium attack while activating the Collarbone Breaker move (20 frames to start, 42 frames overall).
  • Axe Kick: Step backward while delivering a heavy attack (10 Frame start-up, 43 Frame total)
  • Move forward and perform a heavy attack (16 frames to start, 39 frames overall) with the Whirlwind Kick.
  • The High Double Strike consists of a Heavy Attack followed by another Heavy Attack and has a start-up time of 9 frames and a total of 32 frames.
  • Fuwa Triple Strike is a Medium Attack that combines with another Medium Attack and a Medium Attack for a total of 40 Frames (17 Frames start-up).


  • No Stance, Forward Movement, Low Attack, and Medium Attack is required for the Shoulder Throw (5 frames to start, 96 frames overall).
  • Move backward while simultaneously performing a low attack and a medium attack to perform a Somersault Throw (5 frames to start, 100 frames overall).

The Most Usual Steps

  • Drive Impact: Shingeki will cause you to perform a Drive Impact (with a start-up of 26 frames and a total of 62 frames).
  • Drive Reversal: Chest Strike: Drive Impact + Forward Movement
  • Drive Parry is activated by holding down the Drive Impact button in order to parry a hit from an opponent.
  • Move forward and move forward again while you are in the Drive Parry Form to perform the Parry Drive Rush.
  • Drive Rush may be canceled by performing the following moves in rapid succession: forward + forward while connecting with a special cancelable move.

Combos With Assists

  • Assisted Combo 1: Keep your finger on the auto button as you perform a Light Attack followed by another Light Attack.
  • Assisted Combo 2: Hold down the auto button while performing a Medium Attack followed by another Medium Attack.
  • Attack, accompanied by a Medium Attack
  • Assisted Combo 3: Keep your finger on the auto button as you perform a Heavy Attack followed by another Heavy Attack.
  • Heavy Attack + Heavy Attack + + Heavy Attack

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