Street Fighter 6 Chun-Li Moveset Guide: Full move list, frame data, and more


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In Street Fighter 6, players are given the opportunity to take control of their favorite characters from the series while engaging in head-to-head combat with opponents from all around the world.

When going up against an opponent like Chun-Li, there are a number of different techniques and combinations that you will want to utilize. Those that favor using Chun-Li may find a list of these moves and combos below. This article will walk you through Chun-moveset Li’s in Street Fighter 6 as well as the frame data that goes along with it.

Every move that Chun-Li has in Street Fighter 6

While playing as Chun-Li, you have access to all of the strikes and combinations that have been detailed here.

Special Moves

  • No stance is required, Hundred Lightning Kicks is a Special Move. (14 Frames start-up, 56 Frames total)
  • Use the Lightning Kick Barrage ability when you have completed one hundred Lightning Kicks (click the Special Move again to activate it).
  • Move forward and perform a special move to perform a Tensho Kick (9 frames to start up, 81 frames overall).
  • Kikoken: Move in reverse and perform a special move.
  • Hazanshu: Move downhill and perform a Special Move (starting up for 26 frames, lasting for 45 total frames).
  • The Special Move is called Aerial Hundred Lighting Kicks (while jumping in the air) (8 Frames start-up, 45 Frames total)

Super Arts

  • Kikosho’s move set consists of a Neutral Stance or a Forward Movement followed by a Special Move and a Heavy Attack. This takes 7 frames to start up and 94 frames in total.
  • The Aerial Kikosho is a Special Move that also counts as a Heavy Attack (while jumping in the air) (7 Frames start-up, 100 Frames total)
  • Move in reverse while performing a special move and a heavy attack (starting at 11 frames, totaling 144 frames). Hoyoku-sen.
  • Move downwards while performing a special move and a heavy attack to complete the Soten Ranka (8 frames to start, 79 frames altogether).

Unique Attacks

  • Move downward and perform a medium attack while jumping in the air to perform a Yoso Kick. You are allowed to perform this move up to three times. (3 Frames start-up, 42 Frames total)
  • The Water Lotus Fist consists of the following moves: Move downward right, then perform a Heavy Attack (21 frames to start, 38 frames overall).

Yokusen Kick: Forward movement followed by a heavy attack (starting at 16 frames, totaling 40 frames).

Wall Jump: Make an upward rightward movement (while jumping in the air, next to a wall)


  • Neutral posture or forward movement, followed by a light attack and a medium attack (five frames to start, one hundred twenty frames altogether).
  • Move rearward while performing a light attack and a medium attack while using Taiji Fan (5 frames to start, 110 frames overall).
  • Ryuseiraku entails performing a Light Attack followed by a Medium Attack while in the air and in close proximity to an opponent.

The Most Usual Steps

  • Drive Impact: Hosen Kick – This move requires you to perform a Drive Impact (26 frames to start up, 62 frames overall).
  • Hoyoku Kick Drive Reversal: Move Forward + Drive Impact (carried out while blocking or parrying) Hoyoku Kick Drive Reversal
  • When you are being assaulted by an opponent, you should parry their strike with your drive parry.
  • Move Forward and then Move Forward to complete the Parry Drive Rush.
  • Move Forward and Move Forward again while simultaneously connecting with a special move that may be canceled to cancel Drive Rush.

Combos With Assists

  • Assisted Combo 1: Keep your finger on the auto button as you perform a Light Attack followed by another Light Attack.
  • Assisted Combo 2: Depress and hold the auto button, then do a Medium Attack followed by a Medium Attack.
  • Hold down the auto button and perform a Heavy Attack followed by another Heavy Attack and a Heavy Attack. This completes Assisted Combo 3.

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