Street Fighter 6 Chun-Li Moveset Guide Full move list, frame data, and more

In Street Fighter 6, players are given the opportunity to take control of their favorite characters from the series while engaging in head-to-head combat with opponents from all around the world.

When going up against an opponent like Chun-Li, there are a number of different techniques and combinations that you will want to utilize. Those that favor using Chun-Li may find a list of these moves and combos below. This article will walk you through Chun-moveset Li’s in Street Fighter 6 as well as the frame data that goes along with it.

Every move that Chun-Li has in Street Fighter 6

While playing as Chun-Li, you have access to all of the strikes and combinations that have been detailed here.

Special Moves

  • No stance is required, Hundred Lightning Kicks is a Special Move. (14 Frames start-up, 56 Frames total)
  • Use the Lightning Kick Barrage ability when you have completed one hundred Lightning Kicks (click the Special Move again to activate it).
  • Move forward and perform a special move to perform a Tensho Kick (9 frames to start up, 81 frames overall).
  • Kikoken: Move in reverse and perform a special move.
  • Hazanshu: Move downhill and perform a Special Move (starting up for 26 frames, lasting for 45 total frames).
  • The Special Move is called Aerial Hundred Lighting Kicks (while jumping in the air) (8 Frames start-up, 45 Frames total)

Super Arts

  • Kikosho’s move set consists of a Neutral Stance or a Forward Movement followed by a Special Move and a Heavy Attack. This takes 7 frames to start up and 94 frames in total.
  • The Aerial Kikosho is a Special Move that also counts as a Heavy Attack (while jumping in the air) (7 Frames start-up, 100 Frames total)
  • Move in reverse while performing a special move and a heavy attack (starting at 11 frames, totaling 144 frames). Hoyoku-sen.
  • Move downwards while performing a special move and a heavy attack to complete the Soten Ranka (8 frames to start, 79 frames altogether).

Unique Attacks

  • Move downward and perform a medium attack while jumping in the air to perform a Yoso Kick. You are allowed to perform this move up to three times. (3 Frames start-up, 42 Frames total)
  • The Water Lotus Fist consists of the following moves: Move downward right, then perform a Heavy Attack (21 frames to start, 38 frames overall).

Yokusen Kick: Forward movement followed by a heavy attack (starting at 16 frames, totaling 40 frames).

Wall Jump: Make an upward rightward movement (while jumping in the air, next to a wall)


  • Neutral posture or forward movement, followed by a light attack and a medium attack (five frames to start, one hundred twenty frames altogether).
  • Move rearward while performing a light attack and a medium attack while using Taiji Fan (5 frames to start, 110 frames overall).
  • Ryuseiraku entails performing a Light Attack followed by a Medium Attack while in the air and in close proximity to an opponent.

The Most Usual Steps

  • Drive Impact: Hosen Kick – This move requires you to perform a Drive Impact (26 frames to start up, 62 frames overall).
  • Hoyoku Kick Drive Reversal: Move Forward + Drive Impact (carried out while blocking or parrying) Hoyoku Kick Drive Reversal
  • When you are being assaulted by an opponent, you should parry their strike with your drive parry.
  • Move Forward and then Move Forward to complete the Parry Drive Rush.
  • Move Forward and Move Forward again while simultaneously connecting with a special move that may be canceled to cancel Drive Rush.

Combos With Assists

  • Assisted Combo 1: Keep your finger on the auto button as you perform a Light Attack followed by another Light Attack.
  • Assisted Combo 2: Depress and hold the auto button, then do a Medium Attack followed by a Medium Attack.
  • Hold down the auto button and perform a Heavy Attack followed by another Heavy Attack and a Heavy Attack. This completes Assisted Combo 3.

Full move list, frame statistics, and more are included in this Street Fighter 6 Kimberly Moveset Guide.

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