As you make your way through Sonic Frontiers, you will face a wide variety of foes, with the Guardians standing out as some of the most dangerous of the bunch. Guardians can be defeated by using one of several distinct mechanics, such as sliding down rails or ricocheting off the arena walls.

If you aren’t paying attention, the Tank Guardians, who are among the most dangerous foes in the game, will be able to kill you in no time at all. You will learn how to defeat the Tank Guardians in Sonic Frontiers by following the instructions in this tutorial.

Strategy for overcoming the Tank Guardians in Sonic Frontiers

Tank Guardians are dangerous opponents that inhabit Ares Island and have the look of a mechanical bugs. They can only be encountered on Ares Island. Tanks are extremely powerful enemies that can quickly halt Sonic dead in his tracks despite the fact that they do not appear to be as menacing as the Strider Guardians do. When you initially run up to a Tank Guardian, it will spin at a rapid pace, generating a cyclone that will propel both it and Sonic into the air when you run up to it.

When engaging a Tank Guardian, the majority of the conflict will take place in the air. After being propelled into the air, you will immediately enter a freefall with the Tank. During this phase of the freefall stage, the Tank Guardian will begin to spin at a very fast speed, and flames will emerge from it.

By pointing the control stick away from the Guardian at this period, you can prevent yourself from being drawn in. When it finally comes to a stop, the Tank Guardian will reveal a cannon on its front. Fight your way through the cannon until the Guardian starts to revolve once again.

Following a few successful shots from the cannon, the wind that was blowing around you will cease, and both Sonic and the Tank Guardian will fall to the ground. The Tank Guardian will be stunned for the duration of this time, during which you will have free reign to attack it. Deal the maximum amount of damage you can up until the point where it spins and launches you into the air again.

During the second phase of the freefall, the Tank Guardian will fireballs of energy from its cannon. Hold off on attacking the cannon until after this attack has been completed first. Continue your assaults on the Guardian until it falls from the sky, at which point you should finish it off.

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