Take a bite out of this strange Pokemon that takes its inspiration from sushi, as shown in leaked images from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

The amount of Pokémon enthusiasts who have started leaking photographs and info about the upcoming title appears to be rising by the hour as Pokémon Scarlet and Violet get closer and closer to their release date.

Leaks of new Pokémon, new game features, new landscapes, and new gyms have set the internet on fire, and it appears that this was caused when a room for Pokémon Scarlet was stolen and distributed online. One of them even has the appearance of nigiri, a specific kind of sushi.

Tatsugiri is the name of the Pokémon known as sushi.

If you’ve ever had the want to eat your Pokémon, you now have an acceptable reason to do so thanks to the new Pokémon Tatsugiri, which takes its design cues from nigiri sushi rolls. Due to the fact that it is living, this nigiri, on the other hand, appears to resist being consumed rather than voluntarily doing so.

The Tatsugiri is described as a Mimicry Pokémon in the leak, which appears to have been stolen from the front of an entry in a Pokédex. The leak also indicates that the Tatsugiri may take on a variety of colors and shapes. If by “California roll Pokémon” you mean something else, we could have a new favorite.


It’s possible that this newly discovered Pokémon will turn out to be the most ridiculous of them all; it goes much deeper into the realm of absurdity than Dachsbun and Flamigo could ever hope to achieve on their own. However, when Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are finally made available to the public, we shall find out just how absurd it is possible to make it. There is also the possibility that this is an elaborate hoax designed to gain the attention of a wide variety of Pokémon aficionados.

When it comes to leaks and rumors that cannot be confirmed, it is essential for fans to maintain a healthy degree of skepticism and be conscious of the source of the information that they are receiving. It is advised to treat most leaks with a healthy dose of skepticism and to only presume their veracity when the game’s creator or publisher gives their stamp of approval.

In this instance, that would be The Pokémon Company or Nintendo, respectively; however, none of these companies has confirmed the authenticity of the leaks up to this point.

When it develops into Primeape in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Primeape becomes even more hostile.

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