In any ranked mode of a multiplayer game, your goal is to climb the ranks as quickly and easily as you can so that you may become the best player in the game.

Because players are required to give up their points before they can compete in a ranked mode in Splatoon 3, there is a possibility that they will run out of points. However, the way that different games handle their ranks can vary, and the way that Splatoon 3 handles its ranks has opened the door for players to go into what some people refer to as “ranked debt.”

In spite of this, it is possible to find yourself in a position in which you do not have enough points to maintain your current rank and even fall into a negative score if your point total drops too low. With this in mind, Nintendo has created a method through which your rank can be reset. This is the procedure to follow.

How to start over from scratch in Splatoon 3’s rankings

The process of resetting your rank in Splatoon 3 is rather straightforward, but there are a few important caveats to keep in mind. To begin, this option is only accessible to players who have attained a rank of B or better or higher, and it may only be used once every season.

Proceed with the reset by going into the Lobby and opening the matchmaking menu. If you match the requirements outlined above, proceed to the Anarchy Battles section and hit ZL.

When you go to reset your rank, it is possible that your rank will drop a little amount. The point that you are automatically placed at is determined by the game itself, and it is based on how well you did in the ranked matches that came before it.

If you make this choice, your ranking points will be reset, wiping any possible debt you may have accumulated as a result of your consistent performance in Anarchy matches in which you came out on the losing end. Anyone who is having trouble moving through the ranks would benefit from having this tool available to them.

When you reach a plateau in your progress, allowing yourself to be reset and taken back a few steps might provide the impetus necessary to get things moving in the correct way so that you can resume your ascent.

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