A few weeks ago, we reported on Acer’s SpatialLabs TrueGame technology, which enables certain Acer products (precisely, two SpatialLabs View portable monitors and one Predator Helios 300 SpatialLabs Edition gaming laptop) to deliver glasses-free stereoscopic 3D for an increasing number of PC games. This technology is available on Acer’s Predator Helios 300 SpatialLabs Edition gaming laptops.

Acer announced at CES 2023 that a forthcoming software upgrade for the SpatialLabs TrueGame technology would be released. When it launches at the end of this month, the 3D Ultra Mode will provide customers with an even more satisfying overall experience.

Including a second virtual camera in the 3D Ultra mode of the game, along with the fact that SpatialLabs TrueGame makes use of the data that game developers supply about shaders and 3D geometry, results in a level of 3D immersion that is unparalleled by any other method.

The most recent AAA games and a list of popular games just waiting to be discovered are both included in the game profiles supporting the new TrueGame 3D Ultra mode. As a result of the intuitive nature of the TrueGame application and the incorporation of the enhanced 3D Ultra profile, fans of the 3D format are now able to take advantage of a broader and more fluid range of glasses-free stereoscopic 3D effects than ever before. These effects have been tailored to each game title.

TrueGame players and 3D gaming enthusiasts may interact with one another on the TrueGame forum inside the SpatialLabs Community. This forum is an open area in which users can express their thoughts, discuss their experiences, and learn from other users who are also gamers.

In addition, the upcoming update for SpatialLabs TrueGame will include something called 3D Sense. This is a collection of 3D stereo effect configurations tailored to the players’ preferences regarding the level of visual detail, effects, and 3D depth intensity. Acer Inc.’s Co-COO Jerry Kao was quoted as saying:

The creation of video games is an art form that requires designers to transform their imaginations into authentic and captivating three-dimensional worlds. This activity calls for a significant commitment of both time and original thought on the part of the individual.

The viewing experiences that modern gamers can have with 2D display devices are severely restricted. This will change with the release of SpatialLabs TrueGame because we will continue to push the limits of what is possible in a 3D gaming experience by introducing complete geometric 3D and releasing the power of stereoscopic 3D technology.

The analyst believes Microsoft Activision-Blizzard will pass with further concessions.

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