Sony's New PlayStation 5 Consoles Feature an Updated 6nm Oberon Plus System on a Chip

Since the debut of the PlayStation 5 in the year 2020, there have been consistent reports of the system selling out. Sony is now selling the third edition of the console, which features a few upgrades over the previous versions.

The third iteration of Sony’s PlayStation 5 console, internally known as “CFI-1202,” now has a system-on-chip (SoC) that is referred to as “Oberon Plus.”

TSMC’s 6nm technology is used during the fabrication of the modernized AMD SoC. Before this, Sony’s “Oberon” 7nm System-on-Chip (SoC) has been powering the PS5 in the past. Both of the nodes are suitable for use with the other.

After a new console model had been reported for the first time in Australia, it was then that the new SoC was found. Additionally, the model comes with upgraded components such as a newly designed mainboard, a cooler that is more compact and lighter, and an improved silicon power supply. The console requires less electricity and a cooling system that does not require as much work.

Due to the fact that the Oberon Plus has the same look, the Zen 2 architecture, and the RDNA 2 graphics as its predecessor, the Oberon, there have been no changes made to the CPU.

The physical characteristics of the Oberon Plus are the same as those of the Oberon, with the exception of the chip, which has a surface area of around 260 mm2, which is approximately 40 mm2 less than the 7nm chip.

There is a possibility that AMD and Sony’s production costs may decrease by around 12%. According to reports, Microsoft is also likely to make changes to its designs in order to utilize a 6nm node.

Concerning Sony

The Sony Firm is a worldwide conglomerate corporation that was founded in Japan and has its headquarters in the Kanan neighborhood of Minato, Tokyo. The company is recognized not only as one of the most comprehensive media businesses in the world but also as the largest video game console manufacturer and the second largest video game publisher in the entire world. In addition, the company operates as one of the most comprehensive media businesses on the planet.

Sony Interactive Entertainment, which was originally known as Sony Computer Entertainment, is the company’s gaming and network services business. It is best known for manufacturing the PlayStation consoles, which are extremely successful.

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