In Sonic Frontiers, is it possible to skip ahead in time Answered

It is reasonable to anticipate a large number of new features, given that Sonic Frontiers steers the franchise into extremely uncharted territory by providing players with expansive new areas to investigate. This aspect of the genre is present in the game, including a day-to-night cycle, but thankfully it is not as brutal as the one in Sonic Unleashed.

As you explore the islands, the time of day will unexpectedly shift from day to night as you go from one to the next. On the other hand, this can make it difficult for you to finish some challenges that call for you to do so during the night. Is there a way to skip ahead in time in Sonic Frontiers so that I don’t have to sit about until it’s nighttime?

In Sonic Frontiers, is it possible to speed up the passage of time?

In Sonic Frontiers, there is no option to go ahead in time, which is a bit disappointing. If it is daylight and you are at a task that has a moon symbol underneath it, you will have two options: either stay here until night time comes or come back to this area at a later time.

It is sad that Sega did not think to integrate some type of mode that allows players to skip forward in time, especially considering that certain tasks have time limits attached to them. There is usually a method to have your character wait a set number of in-game hours if a quest in an open-world game requires you to be there at a given time. This makes the passage of time in the game go by considerably more quickly. It is a helpful quality-of-life function that eliminates the need to stand around and wait, as is necessary for Sonic Frontiers.

Even while it is quite doubtful that Sega would roll out an update that contains a wait or time advancement feature, we assume there is always a possibility that they may, particularly if they discover a sufficient number of gamers requesting it. This article will be updated with new information as soon as that feature is included in the game.

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