It’s possible that someone from McDonald’s has spilled the beans on Mario’s movie design

Fans of Mario have been left wondering what the Super Mario Bros. movie will be like since it was announced. People are curious about what Mario’s voice will be like and how the character will look ahead of the release of the next movie teaser on October 6. In spite of the many years during which Mario video games have been released, it is possible that Mario’s appearance does not match the designs of the games.

Because of the work of an employee at McDonald’s, Mario fans may now have an answer to their question of whether or not Mario appears in the film. It appears that promotional material for McDonald’s has a picture of Mario in the form he will take in the film.

A member of ConnorEatsPants’s Discord server who also happens to work at McDonald’s uploaded a picture into the chat area that displays some promotional material for McDonald’s. Mario is seen in one image that appears to be a part of a calendar item. This version of Mario appears to be quite similar to the animated version that was shown in the announcement for Thursday’s Nintendo Direct.

The appearance of Mario in real life is not all that dissimilar to how he appears in video games. It’s not a huge departure from how his looks would be shown in games like Mario + Rabbids: Spark of Hope. The animation model was going to have some variations, but the picture that was featured on the advertising material is quite close to what most people’s expectations are for what Mario would look like.

A still shot gives us our first glimpse at what Mario will look like in the movie, but watching him move about and speak will give us a far clearer idea of how he will seem in the film. On October 6, the Super Mario Bros. movie trailer will have its world premiere at a Nintendo Direct presentation as well as at the New York Comic-Con.

Although the Super Mario Bros. movie won’t be shown in cinemas until the early part of 2023, the trailer for the film should provide us with a solid first look at the kinds of things that will be included in the movie, as well as what the tale will be about and who the main characters will be.

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