Downloads are now available for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’s DLSS and FSR2 mods, as well as XeSS.

We broke the news in October of this year that a modder going by the name of “PureDark” was hard at work on an upscale mod for many games, including Skyrim, Fallout 4, and Resident Evil Village.

According to the explanation provided by the modder, the primary objective of this exciting new project is to incorporate support for DLSS, FSR2, and XeSS into the games above. The spectacular initial footage of the mod was obtained one month ago, and its developer, who goes by the name “PureDark,” has promised that it would be made available to the public very soon.

A month has passed, and the Special and Anniversary Editions of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim both now have access to this intriguing new mod that can be downloaded from the official website.

Skyrim’s DLSS and FSR2 optimizations provide jaw-dropping visuals, as was brought to your attention in last month’s newsletter. Below you’ll find a compilation of the release notes that the modder published for this mod:

  • Even though DLSS/FSR2/XeSS does not function with ENB, you can still utilize DLAA with ENB.
  • Because there is no scaling up.
  • Boris is also working on a workaround version that will have ENB compatibility built into it.
  • He indicated that he would handle compatibility issues from his end, and when he does, this version will be
  • Compatible with the ENB format.
  • It should be noted that these are two separate things; ENB had some problems with DRS, which is why it.
  • Since it, I have had to come up with a fix on my own utilizing a
  • A unique approach that, despite its sloppiness, is successful. When Boris chooses to
  • , compatibility was added for DRS, thus, now this patch should operate without any additional adjustments.
  • Change.
  • You won’t be able to utilise DLSS or DLAA with a GPU that doesn’t have RTX, but you may use FSR2 and XeSS.
  • But because neither FSR2 nor XeSS has an official DX11 implementation available, I was obliged to build a DX11/DX12 hybrid solution; hence, your GPU must support DX12 at a minimum to run FSR2 and XeSS.

It is compatible with virtual reality (VR). However, there aren’t many advantages to using this mod because of the speed loss that occurs when processing the entire VR texture, even if many of the pixels in the texture are blank or invisible.

A VR version with fixed foveated DLSS and other optimizations designed exclusively for VR is currently being created.

Gains in performance are proportional to the degree to which the computer’s graphics processing unit (GPU) is the bottleneck; if you don’t see any improvements, this is quite normal; the computer’s central processing unit is probably the bottleneck.

Even if you cannot achieve a higher frame rate in a CPU-limited scenario, you will still benefit from the enhanced AA provided by the DLSS pipeline. This AA is far more effective than TAA, or you can utilize DLAA instead (with performance cost).

Download the latest version of this mod from Nexusmods if you’re interested in giving it a try. Always be sure to follow the installation instructions that are supplied before downloading and utilizing this modification.

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