Screenshots of the upcoming video game Need for Speed Unbound show anime style.

The upcoming installment in the Need for Speed series has been the topic of a number of rumors, leaks, and reports, with the most recent one confirming even more ambiguous specifics on the racing game. It was earlier said that the game will contain “anime aspects,” and at this point, we are fully aware of what exactly “anime elements” entail.

A selection of screenshots from Need for Speed: Unbound have been published on the internet. You may view the gallery that is featured in the game listing of the Japanese store Neowing by clicking on the link provided below. The screenshots have not been taken off as of the time that this article was written.

They have an art style that is greatly influenced by cel shading, giving them an “anime” appearance, which is what many people were hoping to see. Since these are merely stills, we can’t wait to see what the game looks like when it’s really being played because the art style is definitely different from what we’ve seen in previous Need for Speed titles.

We won’t be kept waiting too long for that, thank goodness. On Thursday, October 6, at 11 AM Eastern Time and 8 AM Pacific Time, the official reveals of Need for Speed: Unbound will take place. The presentation is going to be uploaded on the Need for Speed channel on YouTube. If you go there right now, you’ll see that the “Unbound” component of the name hasn’t even been formally released yet. This is the case since the site is still under construction.

Screenshots of the upcoming video game Need for Speed Unbound show anime style 1

That was our first glance at the game’s spray paint typeface logo and its stylized design, and it came from key art that had been stolen from EA’s website and posted elsewhere online. The drivers’ appearance has not been revealed to us prior to this most recent series of screenshots that were illegally obtained.

We anticipate seeing the game in action, learning about the platforms it will be available on, and receiving an announcement on the release date. Previous sources have indicated that Need for Speed Unbound would only be available on current-generation consoles and that its release date will be on December 2.

The fact that Criterion and Codemasters are working together to produce this project is, at the very least, heartening to know. Fans speculate that the title “Unbound” may refer to an open universe because it was developed by two separate studios and has the moniker “Unbound.”

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