According to a well-known movie scooper, Neil Druckmann’s next game will be The Last of Us Part 3, and it will be released on PlayStation 4. On Twitter a few hours ago, the trustworthy movie leaker ViewerAnon stated that to be the case.

Anon claims that the developer Naughty Dog is already hard at work on the sequel to The Last of Us Part 2, which is scheduled to be released in 2020.

The insider scooper tweeted, “Well, I’m not watching anything, so… Dr. Uckmann’s next game is THE LAST OF US PART III, which is presently under production at Naughty Dog.”

The person who leaked movies also commented on his or her trustworthiness about the leaking of video games rather than movies.

In addition, ViewerAnon stated that a different development company will be in charge of the Uncharted series but that the future multiplayer option for The Last of Us, known as Factions, will be released first. It was announced late last week that the Uncharted series would be getting a fresh start with a new installment.

“I’ve noticed a lot of people asking, “Should we trust this person?” when they’ve just joined the account, so here are several other scoops I’ve had in the gaming-adjacent space: I was the first one to bring up the possibility of CRASH BANDICOOT 4, among other things, and I let out a whole bunch of information about the TLOU show, such as Ashley Johnson’s role as Anna.”

This scooper movie has some interesting tidbits of what they call “information.” Please take the information presented above with a grain of salt for the time being since this is the type of rumor that rarely turns out to be true.

In June 2020, The Last of Us Part II was made available on PlayStation 4. Since then, more than 10 million copies of the critically praised novel have been sold. The following is an excerpt from our review of the sequel, which was published shortly after its release:

Except for the original The Last of Us game, there is not a single other game that can be played on a PlayStation 4 system that comes close to capturing the gloominess of what Naughty Dog has achieved with this experience.

It’s a horrible story that might smack you with the realization that this world isn’t fair for anyone. It can be very confronting. The Last of Us Part II is widely regarded as one of the most impressive examples of cinematic gaming ever developed. Still, Naughty Dog’s farewell to the current generation of consoles may cause you to break down in tears while you’re in the shower.

The PC version of The Last of Us Part I Remake is scheduled to be published on March 3, 2023. On the other side, the television series will debut on HBO on January 15th, 2023, and continue after that.

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