The games in the Metal Gear Solid series do not shy away from being remade on newer platforms. The first three games in the series had utterly new versions for later consoles (Twin Snakes for the GameCube, and the HD versions of Sons of Liberty and Snake Eater for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360). 

On the other hand, none of them have been subjected to a comprehensive redo on the same scale as, for example, Resident Evil 2.

It is not without people discussing it; in the past, the concept of the original game being rebuilt has been tossed around or even rumored, too. It is not without people discussing it. A discussion thread on ResetEra brings to light another of these rumors, which we will dissect in the following paragraphs.

A post made by a Spanish gaming site is brought to attention in the ResetEra discussion.

AREAJUGONES confirms that the remade version of Metal Gear Solid will be released. According to the first part of the rumor, this remake will only be available on the PlayStation 5. It shouldn’t come as a surprise given that the remade version of Silent Hill 2 that will be released shortly will also be unique to the platform (alongside a PC release).

According to the information supplied by the publication, the formal announcement of the game will be made in a very short amount of time.

There are certainly some of our readers who instantly thought of the Game Awards that are coming soon. It is important to remember that even while that program does have its announcements, the announcements themselves can take place at different times.

A further information regarding the suspected Metal Gear Solid remake that should be considered is that the game has been in development for several years. In addition, even though we are aware of this remake, we do not precisely have information on the production company behind it.

It’s possible that something is being created in-house, or that the developer’s identity is being kept a secret.

In case it wasn’t obvious previously, this is just a rumor at best, and there is no hard evidence to suggest that this remake will be released any time soon (or at all). However, this story is still unfolding, and we will offer updates wherever they become available.

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