A few days ago, at The Game Awards 2022, Crime Boss: Rockay City was shown to the public for the first time. If you have been itching to get a glimpse of the game’s action, there is some official gameplay footage that has been uploaded to YouTube and was shared by developer 505 Games with the press and the game’s designers.

The footage appears to have been taken during a cooperative robbery operation. Four players are invading an enemy stronghold to steal the money and attempt to stay alive long enough to retrieve the prize.

On March 28, 2023, Crime Boss: Rockay City will be available on PC only through the Epic Games Store. If you pre-order the game now, you will receive a discount of 20%. In the latter half of 2019, it will also be downloadable for consoles.

The City of Rock. A dynamic metropolis pulsating with activity from the sandy bay to the skyscrapers in the distance. However, behind the scenes, there is a vicious battle for territory going on…

There is now an opening for a new King of Rockay City as a result of the death of the former crime boss; however, you are not the only one competing for the position of ruler of this city.
Determine which crew members have the most relevant experience and talents, and then send them on dangerous missions in the hope that they will bring you the most money, the most territory, and eventually the crown.

Check to See If You Are Connected.

Not only does Rockay City have the atmosphere and design of the 1990s, but you could also run across some people you know if you go there. From the likable Travis Baker (Michael Madsen) and his team of planners and handlers (Michael Rooker, Kim Basinger, Danny Glover, and Damion Poitier) to the antagonistic gang bosses (Danny Trejo and Vanilla Ice) and the law enforcement officials (Michael Madsen, Kim Basinger, Danny Glover, and Damion Poitier), this movie has it all.

Chuck Norris, the righteous Sheriff, once said it’s not so much about what you know but about who you know.

Keep Your Friends Close

It’s a lot more fun when you have accomplices, whether you’re trying to steal rare antiques, cash, or even illegal substances. Participate in the exciting hits and heists available in the PVE co-op multiplayer with up to three other players. If you are unsuccessful, you will walk away with nothing, but if you are successful, you will discover that you have been amply rewarded.

And Your Enemies Closer

You take on the role of Baker as he works to expand his empire by committing robberies and seizing territory from competing gangs by employing a mix of strategy, cunning, and a little bit of gun power. However, winning the turf war will not be an easy task.

With Dollar Dragon, Hielo, Canali, and Khan all vying for control of the city and Sheriff Norris working to halt them in their tracks, this roguelike campaign will both reward and punish players in equal measure.

The best kind of retribution is an unimaginable success.

These are not faceless thugs; instead, they are actual individuals dealing with significant challenges in their lives. Discover how Ropes, Jupiter, Runaway, and the rest of the group came to be in Rockay City and assist them in completing various missions to regain their footing. You can get a comprehensive feel for the criminal lifestyle of each character because each tale is broken up into many tasks.

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