The unreleased Rayman 4 source code has been published online, replete with editing tools, allowing fans to preview what this shelved sequel might have featured.

Rayman 4 was canceled before it had gotten very far into production by Ubisoft and Phoenix Studio in the early 2000s. Rayman would not be seen again until Rayman Origins, then two years later in Rayman Legends, reintroducing the series as 2D platformers.

The source of this leak is unclear, but skilled fans have already begun digging in and displaying images and game details. According to screenshots, Rayman appears to be able to ride on some spider creature.

Another screenshot reveals an incomplete level dubbed “Sphincter Cell,” which is a satire of the other Ubisoft property, Splinter Cell.

In other recordings, Rayman is shown sprinting across what looks to be a nearly finished level. Rayman may be seen using a blaster to move through the interior of a Rabbid robot, attacking Rabbids and utilizing tools to bypass barriers and unlock routes.

Another scene depicts Rayman in a chamber packed with hundreds of brown balls. The final photograph released thus far is of a model known as “Rayman’s Girlfriend.”

While there appear to be some playable stages and components in this unfinished game, most of it is lacking. If fans are determined enough, some may finish what Ubisoft and Phoenix Studio started and piece together a fully playable version of what Rayman 4 may have been.

With the full source code available online, anybody with the necessary knowledge and desire may analyze or tamper with the game in any way they see fit.

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