The newest member of the Overwatch 2 cast, as well as the game’s very first tempo tank, recently received a fresh new gameplay clip that demonstrates how they may flex on the other side. Blizzard has now published a short clip that showcases the very first gameplay footage of the Egyptian-themed Ramattra.

The promotional video demonstrates a variety of the protagonist’s skills, including the creation of shields, the execution of distant assaults, and the delivery of close-range blows. When he transforms into his Nemesis Form, though, that is when things start to get interesting.

During his transformation, Ramattra’s normal attacks undergo significant changes, his health increases from 450 to 600, and he receives more armor. As an illustration, his regular punches will generate energy waves with each blow, which will enable him to carry out ranged strikes. This form has a short duration of only eight seconds, and there is a cooldown period of the same length.

A comprehensive description of Ramattra’s talents was included in the teaser as well. In addition to his standard projectile and barrier, he also possesses the Ravenous Vortex, which allows him to launch a nano ball that, when it collides with the ground, detonates and creates a destructive area-of-effect field. Any foe that it has an effect on will experience a slowing of their movement as well as a pulling downward.

The annihilation of all life is Ramattra’s Ultimate. When activated, he releases a swarm of lethal nanobots that reach out in front of him and cause damage. In addition, any hero that is struck by these nanobots has their damage output reduced by fifty percent.

Since Overwatch 2 was originally released, a total of 36 heroes have been introduced to the game. However, Ramattra will be the first hero that can only be unlocked by purchasing a battle pass. Even though Kiriko, one of the most recent new heroes, was available to be unlocked through the battle pass, players who purchased the initial Overwatch game were able to access her immediately.

Players will have to put in a significant amount of time grinding or spending real money in order to obtain Ramattra, who won’t be available to them until they reach level 55.

On December 6, Ramattra will debut at the same time as the second season of each respective show.

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