Today, Intel announced that Raja Koduri would (again) be taking over as Intel’s Chief Architect. In this role, he would oversee the GPU side of things, the CPU side, and the AI side. His job description has been broadened to include looking after the overall cohesiveness and the convergence of CPU, GPU, and AI architectures. This is something that he is responsible for.

Arc Graphics will now be a part of the Client Computing Group at Intel, and Raja Koduri will take over as Chief Architect again. Raja recently revealed on Twitter that he was going through extensive health problems, so this move appears to be designed to lessen the direct engineering burden on him while he is recovering from his surgery.

Intel has confirmed that this is just a restructure and that they will remain committed to Battlemage and Celestial, with Raja still being responsible for the overall direction and roadmap of the architectures. Knowing what our audience will ask and considering recent rumors, Intel has confirmed that this is a restructuring.

In addition, Intel is reorganizing the previous AXG group by splitting it in two as part of this process. In the past, the term AXG was utilized to informally describe the entirety of the group that Raja was responsible for leading. However, moving forward, the time will be used exclusively to refer to the supercomputing business that includes the groups managed by Jeff McVeigh, Masooma Bhaiwala, Vineet Goel, Jason Gunderson, Anton Kaplanyan, Taher Madraswala, Murali Ramadoss, and Brijesh Tripathi.

Once the migration is complete, the new AXG will become a component of the Datacenter and AI (DCAI) Group. When a more permanent leader for the AXG is sought, Jeff McVeigh will serve as the group’s temporary leader and report to Sandra Rivera.

Meanwhile, the Arc Graphics side will become a part of the Client Computing Group. Lisa Pearce will manage the Client Computing Group and report to Michelle Johnston Holthaus.

This is, of course, the group that gamers are concerned with, and it is this group that you should keep an eye on regarding Battlemage and Celestial GPUs. As we have already said, Intel has reaffirmed that its GPU roadmap has not been altered. This reorganization is most likely intended to reduce the work assigned to Raja Koduri.

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