PUBG will commemorate the Halloween season with skins and a mode modeled by the game Dead by Daylight.

The PUBG team has only just revealed that a crossover event with Dead by Daylight is currently being developed and will be available in October at some point. An official press statement was issued by the publisher Krafton Inc. and a series of tweets by PUBG insider sapphics, both of whom described the event details of the planned cooperation. These two pieces of evidence offered further proof of the upcoming partnership.

A new game mode, new cosmetics based on the Dead by Daylight theme, and new skins for existing weapons are just some of the exciting additions that will be made throughout the course of the event. On the Dead by Daylight side of things, a source known as DBDLeaks has revealed that it is possible that Dwight Fairfield will be receiving a charm as well as a new cosmetic item, but this is not yet confirmed.

According to the release published by Krafton Inc., the new Hide and Seek game mode will be playable in bespoke matches consisting of a total of three players and one murderer who is set to compete against them. The goals of this game are going to be quite similar to those of Dead by Daylight, in which the Survivors have to coordinate their actions in order to get away from the test while the Killer pursues their prey and tries to stop them from leaving.

In addition, there is a possibility that players may be able to obtain goodies, such as a Dwight Fairfield costume and The Nurse mask item, by completing tasks during the course of the Halloween-exclusive mode, which runs from October 21 to November 7.

Additional one-of-a-kind aspects of this event include a wide variety of in-game outfits and goods based around Dead by Daylight. The Dress for the Hunt event will give players the unique opportunity to acquire themed cosmetic rewards, including killer-specific costumes revolving around 4 antagonists: The Legion, The Clown, The Huntress, and The Trapper. 

The event will run from October 19 to December 7 for PC players and from October 20 to December 8 for console players. Survivor-themed backpacks, nameplates, a skin for a frying pan, and masks will also be available for purchase at various points throughout this event.

PUBG Studios’ New State Mobile will, in a similar manner, integrate the partnership with Dead by Daylight into its system. According to a statement released by Krafton Inc., new cosmetics, goods related to specific themes within the game, and collaborative crates will be made accessible to players between the dates of October 20 and November 23.

Dead by Daylight is no stranger to working with other companies; the company has already collaborated with For Honor and Attack on Titan to host crossover events with themes that are very similar. However, the planned partnership with PUBG will be a first for the well-known horror video game, continuing the trend that the game has been following recently of cooperating with games that are not in its core genre.

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