Prices of Genshin Impact are “adjusting” in a number of different places.


This inflationary surge appears to be on the verge of affecting a significant number of Genshin Impact players in the near future. Prices are increasing in virtually every facet of everyone’s lives.

It was disclosed today in an official post on HoYolab, the website for HoYoverse’s blog, that “recent adjustments in platform price policies” will lead the prices of in-game products to “be changed.”

The problem that everyone seems to be ignoring is that nobody knows right now whether or not the prices are going to go up or even maybe go down. The vast majority of people undoubtedly have the assumption that there will be a price rise, however, HoYoverse has not confirmed either way what these pricing modifications will be.

To this point, the areas of Chile, Egypt, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Poland, South Korea, Sweden, Vietnam, and the “euro area” have been identified as being impacted by the disease. (It is reasonable to assume that this indicates that several European nations will also see a rapid surge in price.) At this time, it appears that this adjustment in price is not having any impact on any other locations. On the other hand, there is no indication as to when exactly these pricing modifications will ever take place.

In addition to this, the article notes that “the display of pricing in the in-game store may experience a delay at times.” In other words, after you make a purchase of some Primogems, you will need to pay extremely close attention since the pricing may not exactly represent what you paid for them. Instead, HoYoverse has recommended that gamers “refer to the real pricing in the transaction” while making purchases.

Players are naturally perplexed by the weak communication supplied by HoYoverse in this regard since the sole source of information on these pricing hikes is this one blog post on the HoYoverse website.

There are essential pieces of information that are lacking from the post, such as the particulars of the pricing adjustment and the date after which players may anticipate having to pay a different amount for in-game purchases.

Keeping all of this in mind, you might want to exercise caution if you are located in a place that has been impacted and you have plans to buy any Primogems in the near future. We are going to give the upcoming price adjustments for Genshin Impact a great deal of careful consideration.

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