There is a possibility that a fan-favorite Pokémon from Unova may be included in Pokémon Go.

Niantic is always working on producing new events in Pokémon Go in order to bring players one step closer to completing their PokéDex. In this way, the game is gradually catching up with the mainline Pokémon franchise.

There are still Pokémon that have not been added to the mobile game, but a group of renowned data miners for Pokémon Go known as the Pokéminers may have discovered one of the Pokémon that will be added in the near future to the mobile game.

During their investigation of APK version 0.251.0, the data miners came upon it. They tweeted it along with the most recent alterations they discovered, such as the impending attack with high horsepower.

The following is what the PokeMiners tweet says: “Get ready to hype:’metamonBackDrop, zoruaBackdrop.'” This is a clear reference to Zorua, the lovable Pokémon that resembles a fox and made its debut in the Unova region in the games Pokémon Black and White.

It’s a Pokémon known as the Tricky Fox, and its presence in Pokémon Go may be a sign that the much-loved Pokémon will soon make its debut in the game in an official capacity. There has been no confirmation from Niantic that Zorua will be added to the game, although it is possible that the development team is getting things ready.

It would be fitting for Zorua and Zoroark, the evolved version of Zorua, to make an appearance during the Halloween holiday. Despite this, there is neither a date nor any more materials that point to the possibility that Niantic may release these two during a forthcoming event. We are aware that Pokémon Go will be hosting the Festival of Lights from the 14th to the 17th of October 2022, and that the major Halloween Event will take place from the 20th to the 1st of November of that same year.

During the Halloween event, the most popular Pokémon to use are Spiritomb or Yamask. Zorua is a Pokémon that has a Dark type, but it is not a Ghost type, thus it would be a good choice to spotlight it at this period because of its Dark type.

There is a possibility that a number of fans are looking forward to witnessing Zorua in its Hisuian Form, which transforms it into a Normal and Ghost-type Pokémon. Niantic is not likely to launch the Pokémon and the regional version of the Pokémon at the same time. 

Despite the fact that it would be awesome to see that regional form appears in the mobile game, it is doubtful that Niantic would do so. Instead, they usually space those events out over a longer period of time, such as releasing a shiny variant of a Pokémon on a number of different occasions.

As we approach closer to the end of October, here’s hoping that we’ll have more information to share with you. However, it is quite unlikely that Zorua will be released any time between the months of November and December.

It seems more appropriate for a Pokémon of the Ice type or one centered on holidays to be highlighted around that time of year as opposed to a Dark-type Pokémon, which is more commonly associated with autumn and Halloween.

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