As Pokémon Scarlet and Violet get ready for its release throughout the world later this month, fans of the franchise all around the world are getting ready to go on yet another incredible journey. 

Some fans are said to have obtained a copy of Pokémon Scarlet’s ROM, and they have been hard at work releasing screenshots of the game’s new gyms, Pokémon, and gameplay features, much to the joy of other fans. Fans of spaghetti westerns may recognize one of the new Pokémon, but it has been given a look that is even more wonderfully ridiculous than before.

There is not a lot of information to work with, as is the case with many of the leaked Pokémon; but, we do have the loveliest photo of a Pokémon that seems like it is formed of tumbleweed and that appears to have made the seashore home.

It has a level of 25, its eyes seem to float in the middle of the bramble, and there is a symbol of a woman that can be seen clearly. We may draw the conclusion from this that these Pokémon are certainly capable of being bred, and that they will naturally appear in the wild up to a level of at least 25. Unfortunately, beyond that, it is impossible to surmise too much more about the situation.

The crux of the matter with leaks is that they can often serve no purpose other than to whet the appetites of fans who are already excited to get their hands on the game in question. In addition, there are so many different people sharing information on Pokémon animals, evolutions, and places all at once that it is impossible to determine who is telling the truth.

It is best to regard these leaks as likely at best, given there has been no official comment from Nintendo or The Pokémon Company on the matter. It is simply too simple in this day and age to fake screenshots, and this is especially true for zoomed-in photos like the one that shows Bramblin.

When Pokémon Scarlet and Violet appear on November 18 for the Nintendo Switch, players all around the world will soon have the opportunity to determine for themselves whether or not such leaks are legitimate.

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