Both Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet have a number of glitches. This is common knowledge among those who are fans of the franchise at this point since it seems like a new exploit is discovered almost every week.

The most recent exploit appears to wreak havoc on the accuracy checks that are performed in the Battle Stadium. As a result, certain actions are more likely to miss than usual, while other techniques with lower accuracy have a greater chance of connecting.

This includes one-hit kill moves like Sheer Cold, and a user on Twitter discovered a way to exploit a glitch to guarantee that one-hit kill moves always succeed. It is strongly recommended that you stay away from the stadium this time.

When playing S/V doubles, the user known as u/Lord-Trolldemort noticed some weird trends, and they decided to make a post on Reddit to explain their discoveries and provide some further explanation. This user observed that Frost Breath, a move that normally has an accuracy of 90%, was missing more frequently than usual.

In the 14 fights when Frost Breath was used as the initial move, it failed to hit every single time, which is a failure rate of one in one hundred trillion. What are we to take away from this? The random number generator (RNG) that is supposed to decide whether movements land or miss in the Battle Stadium is malfunctioning. In the end, gamers came to the conclusion that this was an instance of fixed RNG, in which each duel used the same RNG seed.

Users later found, as a result of this fixed RNG, that battlers may utilize this vulnerability to guarantee that one-hit KO techniques always land successfully. One player, for instance, found out that a combination of Fake Out and Sheer Cold will always land if you move first each time. This was discovered through experimentation. Another possible combination is Air Slash and Sheer Cold.

It is reasonable to assume that this would operate in the same manner for other techniques that may end a match in one hit, such as Fissure. It is reasonable to expect the same results from using other moves with lower accuracies at 90%, such as Heat Wave.

Players appear to believe that this issue is only occurring in the Battle Stadium and not in offline battles or Link Battles. This is a fortunate development. However, this is an issue that needs to be resolved as soon as possible by Game Freak in order to facilitate the growth of online competitive play.

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