The PlayStation 5 gaming system is distinguished for its ability to be oriented vertically or horizontally, depending on the user’s preferences and the available space requirements. According to several professionals in the field of hardware repair, the previous posture gives the impression that it will be the root of several significant problems that will arise in the future for several customers.

The agreement is as follows. According to the proprietor of a repair business, a fundamental design issue makes it possible for the PlayStation 5 to sustain irreparable harm if used in a vertical orientation. The difficulty lies in the fact that the liquid metal used to cool the APU is prone to spilling and becoming uneven, affecting the cooling, at the very least.

During the last few months, Ben Montana, proprietor of the specialist repair company ILoveMyConsole located in France, has been making similar efforts to draw attention to this matter. According to him, these are not isolated incidents. According to him, the danger is considerable for PS5s that have been standing upright for an extended period, and he claims that all models are affected by this issue. Both the Digital and Standard versions of the console are included here.

The “seal” between the APU and the cooler on the PS5 can sometimes shift or become damaged, as was demonstrated by several incidents involving this particular issue. If this is the case, then the liquid metal will remain flat and maintain most of its thermal qualities, which will assist in cooling the PS5 when placed in a horizontal position.

But let’s say that your PS5 is standing on its side and “something” unfortunate occurs to the seal. In that scenario, there is a possibility that the liquid metal would gradually go lower, causing it to become uneven, which will affect its capacity to cool and may even cause it to reach components that it shouldn’t.

It is important to remember that each instance of this problem is unique, and the answer primarily depends on whether or not the seal was broken. However, there is a possibility that this issue might permanently harm your PlayStation 5; therefore, until Sony issues a comment, the best course of action would be to place it in a horizontal position for the time being. This design defect problem can be shown in the video below, uploaded by the YouTube user TheCod3r. The video also explains the cause of the PlayStation 5 design flaw.

Once more, the solution to this issue is contingent on whether or not the seal has been compromised. Because of this, several consumers will almost certainly state that they have been able to use their consoles vertically without encountering any problems since the product first went on sale. On the other hand, if you can place your console in a horizontal position, doing so may be the more effective strategy to follow to make the console last for a more extended period.

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