The phrase “There’s just too much TV!” has become a common catchphrase in modern times. This is because the proliferation of streaming services has overwhelmed our ability to appreciate the very best that the tiny screen has ever had to offer. But is there such a thing as having too many games? If you have to download hundreds of terabytes of game data over the course of several hours merely to determine whether or not you are interested in it, then maybe.

Microsoft Game Pass Ultimate | $1 first month ($14.99/month after)

When you can have fast access to more than 300 games, which includes pretty much everything for everyone from the world of gaming, then such objections are rendered moot and should be thrown out the window. And this is the lovely promise that comes with Xbox Cloud Gaming, which is included in the membership to Microsoft Game Pass Ultimate.

If you’re not sure how often you’ll use the service, spending $14.99 per month on a games subscription might seem like a lot of money if you don’t know how much you’ll use it, but unfortunately, that is the cost of the privilege. You can, however, get a new subscription for just one dollar for the first month, and if you decide that you do not want to continue using the service after the first thirty days, you can easily cancel the recurring billing and avoid paying any additional money beyond the one dollar that you initially put down.

We will proceed with our curation of the greatest Cyber Monday discounts pertaining to PC gaming until the very end.

In spite of this, it is not limited to cloud gaming because, if you purchase Game Pass Ultimate, you will have access to EA Play in addition to Xbox and PC Game Pass. This indicates that even if a game is not available via the Xbox cloud servers, there are thousands of games that you can simply download to your device and enjoy… as long as you continue to pay Microsoft its subscription money.

But the Xbox Cloud Gaming function is what really sets Ultimate Game Pass apart from other game subscription services. It means that you can join on from virtually any device, even a Steam Deck, and start playing some of the newest Xbox titles within a matter of minutes. Even if the streaming is excellent, the quality is never more than 1080p at any point.

Personally, I believe that the real streaming quality offered by GeForce Now is higher than that offered by Nvidia’s service; but, in order to play the games offered by Nvidia’s service, you will need to acquire a copy of the game. Everything you look at is up for grabs when you have Game Pass.

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