The community has done its best to determine which heroes are the best by combining the individual tier lists of several Overwatch 2 content creators into an aggregate. Even though there will always be some subjectivity in ranking the heroes in Overwatch 2, the community has done its best to determine which are the best.

A spreadsheet was made that detailed all of the current hero’s ranks in Overwatch 2 as of season 2.1. This spreadsheet was produced by taking the rankings from eight important content developers, such as Emongg, Freedo, and KarQ. The orders were taken from the spreadsheet.

According to the findings, Kiriko is in first place, followed by Roadhog and Orisa, and Brigitte is down in last place on the list. Roadhog and Orisa are in second and third place, respectively. Other heroes considered to be of a low rank include Hammond, Sombra, and the recently added Junker Queen.

This list has the intention of assisting in the process of determining which heroes require nerfs or boosts in the subsequent patches. The majority of people in the Overwatch 2 community are well aware of how weak the heroes in the lower ranks are, particularly Brigitte and Sombra. Therefore, the replies to this list do not come as any surprise at all.

Keep in mind that this tier list will become obsolete sooner rather than later because Blizzard is notorious for changing the stats of heroes on a regular basis, both positively and negatively. Brigette, for example, may now be the least helpful hero in the game, but at one point in the past, she was unquestionably the most beneficial.

We also know that Blizzard plans to weaken the second-best selection, Roadhog, and strengthen Junker Queen, which will already cause a shakeup in the rankings. This change will be implemented in patch 8.1.

The move to a five-on-five format was also a significant factor in determining how heroes were valued and ranked in the game. These lists will be in a perpetual state of flux for as long as Blizzard keeps reworking and adding new characters to the game.

The second season of Overwatch 2 started this month on December 6 and does not yet have an end date declared; however, balancing tweaks may be implemented at any moment.

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