The optimal configurations for the crosshair and reticle in Overwatch 2

A first-person shooter places a premium on accurate aiming. Even while different characters in Overwatch 2 have different levels of challenge and play styles, you still need at least some level of accurate aiming to get the most out of each hero.

Keeping this in mind, you might want to think about changing the reticle on your crosshairs. When you do, please refer to the following for our suggestions for the optimal settings to apply.

Settings for the crosshair reticle that are suggested and best for Overwatch 2

Before we get started, we strongly suggest going through all of your heroes and assigning individual reticles to each of them.

Although there are basic configurations that should be present on all of them, how those configurations are used will vary greatly depending on the character that is now being simulated. Your decisions will impact everything that happens from here on out. Experiment with your favorite heroes in different settings and find which one you enjoy the most.

The following are the recommended settings for all heroes in general.

  • Type: Default
  • Display Accuracy: On (On)
  • Green, or any other color that will help you stand out against the background, is the recommended choice for the color.
    Avoid using colors like white, black, and blue.
  • The thickness is one.
  • 15 for the length of the crosshairs
  • Center Gap – 30
  • Between eighty and one hundred percent opacity
  • Opacity is the same thing as Outline Opacity.
  • Dot Size – 6
  • The opacity of the dot at 100%
  • Scaling with Increasing Resolution – On

Recommend the appropriate reticle type for each hero.

As was the case earlier, the following reticle shapes for each hero simply reflect our own opinions of how they should look. Experiment with the several options available in the Practice Range to see which one suits you best.

  • Ana – Dot
  • Crosshairs are on Ashe.
  • Baptiste – Default
  • Circle and crosshairs represent the bastion.
  • Brigitte – Dot
  • Dot and Cassandra
  • Crosshairs on the D.Va.
  • Doomfist – Default
  • Circle and crosshairs comprise Echo.
  • Genji – Crosshairs
  • Hanzo – Default
  • Circle and Crosshairs, a Song by Junker Queen
  • Junkrat: Circle Kirko: Crosshairs Junkrat: Circle
  • The Lucio symbol is a circle with crosshairs.
  • Mei, pronounced crosshairs
  • Mercy – Default
  • Moira – Dot
  • Orisa, which translates to “circle and crosshairs”
  • Pharaoh, also known as the Circle and the Crosshairs
  • Crosshairs of the Reaper
  • Reinhardt – Default
  • Crosshairs and Circle for the Roadhog
  • Sigma – Default
  • Crosshairs are located in Sojourn.
  • Soldier: 76 – Default
  • Circles and crosshairs make up the Sombra.
  • Symmetra – Dot
  • Torbjorn Is in Their Sights
  • Circle and crosshairs comprise the Tracer.
  • Widowmaker – Dot
  • Winston – Default
  • Wrecking Ball – Default
  • Zarya – Default
  • Crosshairs are trained on Zenyatta.

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