On YouTube, each and every Google Stadia video has been hidden from public view.

The video game streaming service known as Stadia, which was owned by Google, is being discontinued, and the multibillion-dollar technology company is now erasing any references to Stadia from its YouTube presence.

Google has rendered all of its Stadia films unavailable to the public and the official Stadia channel on YouTube has become a deserted wasteland.

Stadia, Google’s nascent game streaming service, will be discontinued in January of 2023, according to Google’s current plans. The service had, for the most part, missed its target audience and was unable to develop momentum; as a result, Google lost an unimaginable amount of money. Now, history is about to repeat itself as Google will end the service just like it has done with many of its other businesses in the past.

The most intriguing aspect of Google’s new streaming platform, Stadia, is the company’s decision to remove virtually all references to the platform from its main channel on YouTube. The videos that were published to YouTube by the Stadia account have all been turned private, and when you visit the channel, you will get the following message: “This channel does not have any material.”

The problem is not that there is no content on the channel; rather, each of its videos is password protected. This is something that I am able to verify because TweakTown’s previous coverage on Stadia includes embedded YouTube footage.

Here is an example of a private video that was uploaded to Stadia. This video demonstrated a feature that, at one point in its history, allowed viewers to vote on particular outcomes or options while simultaneously viewing a streamer.

The official Stadia website, on the other hand, is still operational and contains all of the community blog posts that have been published since the start of the service in 2019.

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